Mumbai Police (2013)

Mumbai Police (2013)

Prithviraj SukumaranJayasuryaRahmanMukundan
Roshan Andrews


Mumbai Police (2013) is a Malayalam movie. Roshan Andrews has directed this movie. Prithviraj Sukumaran,Jayasurya,Rahman,Mukundan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Mumbai Police (2013) is considered one of the best Crime,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

ACP Antony is the only one who knows the truth behind ACP Aaryan's murder. Antony meets with an accident, losing his memory and is unable to reveal the killer. He is forced to investigate the murder again hoping that he remembers something.

Mumbai Police (2013) Reviews

  • A police procedural with a difference - Engaging and bold


    Mumbai Police is a revelation. I cannot proclaim it to be the best thriller I have seen, but it has to be applauded for what it tries to accomplish. Roshan Andrews has gone a notch above the standard genre fare we have come to expect in Indian thrillers and gave us something which will, in turns, haunt and genuinely surprise. This is in no small part to the accomplished writing duo of Bobby-Sanjay and the brilliant Prithviraj. ACP Anthony Moses (Prithvi) is just about to solve a crime and report it to his boss, Farhan (Rehman), when he is caught in a bad accident which leaves him without any memory of his past. Farhan tries to help him jog his memory and get the name of the culprit, but Anthony has no clue to his past or to his impending future. However, his reflexes and training from his previous life are still in tact and he realizes he would need to use these to piece both his life and the case together again. The crime is of a very personal nature to both the officers, as it involves the murder of their colleague and close friend, ACP Aryan John Jacob (Jayasurya) while he was receiving a gallantry award. Together, the trio had been known as the 'Mumbai Police' owing to their earlier presence in the Mumbai police department. As Anthony re-pieces together the jigsaw, he realizes everything is not as it would seem and the seemingly bizarre directions and conflicts the investigation takes as opposed to the initial attempts in the case alienates his team and further confuses his already addled mind. All this ultimately leads up to a climax which can only be termed as amazingly bold and genuinely shocking in its denouement. Apart from the climactic reveal, the movie also must take plaudits for its mostly different approach to the standard police thriller. There are hardly any bombastic dialogs and mustache twirling here. The investigating officer is not exactly the epitome of all vices, as he himself realizes in the course of his second life. The introduction of alternative sexuality into Malayalam commercial cinema has to be hailed as a landmark in this generally conservative segment of viewers. Background music is pretty apt and gripping for the most part and there are no songs to break the flow. The supporting characters all do a great job. Jayasurya, Rehman, Aparna Nair and Riyaz Khan (in a cameo) are all commendable. There is also a surprisingly strong performance from the veteran, Kunjan, as one of the officers on the team. However, this is Prithviraj's show all the way. He has done tougher roles than this and will probably have bigger hits. But the conviction of a mainstream actor of his stature to take up a role which pushes the envelope in terms of what is 'acceptable' for commercial leading men in Indian cinema has to be thoroughly appreciated. I have been a fan of this guy for a while now, and he keeps giving reasons why, despite all the unfounded criticism against him, he will always be relevant. Take a bow, Prithvi, Roshan and Bobby-Sanjay, for hopefully bringing in a much needed wind of change in this industry.

  • An Engaging thriller


    In one word,Mumbai Police can be termed as an Investigative Thriller.The film follows a non-linear narration at parts and that has worked out extremely well in holding the viewers gripped in their seats.Yet the climax and suspense element will not be Favourable or acceptable to some.But the film should be praised for its tight screenplay,superb direction and variety climax.Everyone of us had been fed up with the usual formulaic thrillers which showcases the hero's intelligence and firebrand dialogues.Mumbai police succeeds in staying away from these usual clichés for god's sake. The film opens with the accident of a police officer Antony Moses(Prithviraj).He suffers from Amnesia after the accident.He is confused about his past and future.He was also working on a case which involves the murder of his colleague and friend Aryan(Jayasurya).His superior and friend Farhan(Rahman) fills him with details regarding the case and the developments that he had made on the case.Farhan states that Antony called him up seconds before the accident stating that he found the culprit.Now Its up to Antony to find the killer again using the clues about his past. Prithviraj excels in the role of Antony Moses.His performance as the man who lost his memory stands out in the movie.He is sure to get praises for his role even if the movie fails.Stunts were also good.Rahman also made a convincing performance.Good to see him in a major role.Jayasurya gave an okay performance,what was demanded out of him.Rest of the cast does not have much to do though Riyaz khan's cameo was good. Bobby-Sanjay again delivered a superb script after the yesteryear Ayaalum Njanum Thammil.But here the challenge was of making a thriller and they have done their part very well indeed.They succeeded in connecting all the events that leads to the identity of the killer and his motive that may not be acceptable to some.That was evident in negative response after the movie.Roshan made a great comeback after the yesteryear debacle Casanova.His direction was superb and made the viewers hooked to their seats for most parts of the movie.BGM by Gopi Sunder was cool Mumbai Police may not set the cash registers ringing but it is one of the best movies to be released recently.There are many cases where a good movie flops and becomes a DVD classic.Well who knows,Mumbai police might turn out to be a classic in the near future.Congrats to the crew for bringing out something different.

  • Breaking Free of Stereotype Police Stories


    MUMBAI POLICE _ MY REVIEW Finally Watched Mumbai Police.... As of me, Mumbai Police was the most expected malayalam film of 2013, as was penned by Bobby Sanjay duo....directed by Roshann Andrews and it had some of industry's good actors including Jayasurya, Rahman and my favourite Prithviraj Sukumaran I was planning to watch this movie at the time of its release itself, but unfortunately, my annual examinations too were of the same time and I missed this flick in Theatre.... And after 4 months of its theatrical release, I have watched it... First of all I want to mention one thing... As I visit Facebook and other movie discussion websites frequently, the climax twist and suspense elements were already exposed to me.... A punch on the face of those who revealed suspense in social medias....These type of fellows never change.....degraders.... Even though the suspense was revealed, the script of Bobby Sanjay, offered a lot of thrill and was successful in satisfying me to the core... The story of the film is known to most of us.... Three friends....three of them are high level police officers.One of them gets killed and one of them solves it out...Before he could reveal the murderer, he gets into an accident and looses his memory... Inspite of his memory loss, his senior officer, who is the third friend , asks him to solve the case once again and find the killer. The story of the movie is known to most of us and hence, there is no need of explanation in that part.. I liked the movie very much...... First of all.....I applaud #Bobby_Sanjay for thinking out of the box and presenting us such a film... They have always been ma favourites....especially Ayaluum Njanum Thammil.... Their lateral thinking has delivered many good movies such as Ente Veedu Appunteyum, Notebook, Traffic, Ayalum Njanum Thammil and now Mumbai Police.. And if we make a small comparison, each movie is of different genre and had something variety in it, which breaks the boundaries of usual malayalam cinema... Breaking free of stereotype Hero oriented films, the ANTAGONIST is focused more in this film, and the highlight of the movie is that, both the protagonist and antagonist is the same person. Kudos to them for this Brilliant Script... Super.....Super....Superb..... The best script writes....of this generation.... Quality dialogues and genuine wits in the film, showcases their talent... Out of their brilliant Minds.....they have created one of the most powerful characters of the recent times, Antony Moses. And Antony Mosses was safe in the hands of Prithviraj. #Prithviraj delivered an wholesome performance. One of The best characterizations of the recent times....... He excelled in his roles, as rude and villainous Rascal Mosses and memory lost person, who cannot remember his history..... The mannerisms of a person who is haunted by his bad history is successfully portrayed by Prithvi. Those climax sequences were really terrific and requires great appreciation. That Bewildered Antony Mosses in climax scenes were superb.....kudos.... This is a character that none dares to play..... The character of Antony Mosses is the true definition for BOLDNESS... Breaking free of usual stereotypic heroes #Jayasurya as Aryan John too rendered superb performance, with a good role matching him... Energetic Performance,.... #Rahman, with an equally important role, excelled in his character as Farhan.. Super.... "Farhan.....You are a Brrilliant Police Officer" :) The trio of Prithvi..Jayasurya and Rahman worked out well.....Great casting Other actors including Kunjan, Aparna Nair and the one who acted as Roy.. etc did their part well Kunjan's oath was superb......It remembers the duties and responsibilities of a police officer..... #Roshann_Andrews is a director, who is known for his rich making.... His direction seemed to be apt for this dark shaded thriller... Music by #Gopi_Sunder too was of top notch..... The Theme Music is still hearin' in ma ears...loved it... Good camera work was visible in every scene of the movie... Climax of the film...was really wonderful one.......I Liked it.... Even though it was revealed before watching this film, the way the script travels towards the climax was really thrilling one.... That Blue car's green colour.....automated Gun etc seemed to be an indication for coming of age thrillers in malayalam cinema... The film is something beyond usual police films.... Totally..... Mumbai Police is one of the best thrillerrs of the recent times, with brilliant script and bold performance from Prithviraj... Superb.... My rating: 9/10 Must watch in my views... Thank You for reading my review.... Any mistakes should be forgiven.....Yours truly.....Sooraj Pattazhy

  • Audacity and unpredictable that makes it Mumbai police.


    Directed by Roshan Andrews after the debacle Casanova, scripted by deadly duo Bobby & Sanjay. One of the brilliant script in recent past by B&S as usual emotional quotient as their major backdrop and they handle it subtly, this shows their intellectual melange with meticulously written screenplay. This cop flick deviate from usual cop investigation and ended up as daringly different one. Some may deplore strongly against climax, but for me after thinking for a while i found it terrific ending. Prithviraj(Moses A) cataclysm behavior as a disguise and as confused (Moses B) both were scintillating, his performance was just tad above the script. Songs were not included but BGM was good but in chase scene it was jarring. Prithviraj & Rahman were mostly the cynosure of the film. Cinematography was good. Weakest point in the whole movie is the pace, it was done in a lethargic manner but only for 1st half. 2nd half was top-notch and engaging and make it a edge of the seat type thriller. Highly recommended for thriller aficionado. For others might not be fully delectable but it arrest and indulge the viewers on the seat.

  • Transcendent!


    Malayalam Cinema has, thus transcended into another era with this movie. Mumbai Police talks about friendship, memory loss & the plight of LGBT community. It is bold in its plot & thrilling in its story. Prithviraj's character as well as portrayal is his best till now, as an ACP who loses his memory after a car accident. What unfolds is a grim & tacky story related to Rehman & Jayasurya who were best friends once. Backed by brilliant non-linear screenplay, brilliant music & scintillating performances by each & every one in cast, Mumbai Police succeeds in keeping the suspense intact till it reaches the climax. And the climax is simply outstanding. The life lessons & virtues depicted are good & worth pondering upon, especially due to the professional style. Ballistics, mind games, genius assassination & everything related to it - is what Mumbai Police is about. This will take Rosshan Andrrews to the next level, for sure. I appreciate the filmmakers' guts to introduce LGBT into Malayalam cinema, although I cannot say how it will be received by the Mallu public. But, for me, it was food for thought & a great entertainer. It has some serious references to the Hollywood thriller, The Bourne Identity. BOTTOM LINE: A perfect summer movie for everyone. 8.3/10. MESSAGE: LGBT community should be respected. Sometimes, decision making is difficult when close friends are involved. Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES. (if Gay relationship depiction is okay with them) Profanity: Mediocre | Vulgarity: No | Sex: No | Nudity: Mild | Violence: Strong | Gore: Mild | Smoking: Mediocre | Alcohol: Strong | Drugs: No


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