My Own Love Song (2010)

My Own Love Song (2010)

Renée ZellwegerMadeline ZimaForest WhitakerElias Koteas
Olivier Dahan


My Own Love Song (2010) is a English movie. Olivier Dahan has directed this movie. Renée Zellweger,Madeline Zima,Forest Whitaker,Elias Koteas are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. My Own Love Song (2010) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Jane (Renée Zellweger) is a woman who is hiding from life after an accident leaves her wheelchair-bound. Joey (Forest Whitaker) is her friend who speaks to ghosts and angels no one else can see or hear. When he reads in the newspaper that his favorite author will be speaking in New Orleans, Louisiana, he convinces Jane to go with him. Along the way, they meet up with Billie (Madeline Zima), a young woman in search of her missing husband. The travellers have many obstacles in their path. They meet many different "angels" and "devils" along the way. Will they make it in time for the most important gig of Jane's life?


My Own Love Song (2010) Reviews

  • Two lost souls go on a journey to discover themselves again.


    I saw a preview for this film in Paris in the presence of both the director (Olivier Dahan, who is French) and Forest Whitaker. The director described it as simple and happy while Forest mentioned magic. They were both right. The film was beautiful. The whole room seemed completely taken in. Renee Zellweger was great and managed to make a number of the audience cry in her role as an ex-singer confined to a wheel chair. Forest Whitaker was fantastic as was Madeline Zima who I had not seen much previously and was very impressed by. The story was simple but moving and the pictures magical. There are a couple of brilliant characters that they meet on their travels too who lighten up what could have been a rather intense movie. I definitely recommend this film.

  • music and story and acting


    I guess I saw a whole 'nother movie than the other reviewers, because I simply loved this film. Not that the comments and crits were wrong...sentimental, somewhat disjointed...but I found it moving and amusing and truly enjoyed the soundtrack. The small roles were perfect and the marshmallow whip on top was Zelweiger's riveting rendition of Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land"...unlike any other I'd ever heard...AND she sang my absolute favorite verse (the one about the No Trespassing sign..."but on the other side it didn't say nothing', that side was made for you and me"). It reminded me quite a bit of "Leaving Normal", another fave of mine... Don't let these nay-sayers put you off this gem.

  • Unconventional road movie.


    I saw this via Netflix streaming video. Written and edited by the Frenchman who directed the superb "Edith Piaf" story (La Mome') it is set in the USA, filmed in various parts of Louisiana, and ends up in New Orleans. The story centers on the story of Renée Zellweger as Jane Wyatt, one time recording artist who, 7 years earlier, had become crippled and wheelchair bound as a result of an automobile accident. So she pretty much put her life on hold. Seemingly her best friend in the small Kansas town is Forest Whitaker as the somewhat kooky Joey, who has visions of angels. He goes off the deep end occasionally, often uses poor judgment in certain situations, but jokingly calls himself "Jane's body guard." He in fact does help her out at times. One day Joey finds an unopened letter in Jane's house, it is from her now 10-yr-old son, living in Baton Rouge, inviting her to his communion in July. Joey doesn't tell her about the letter, instead puts it in his pocket and sets about to get Jane to take a road trip, he wants her to see her son. The road trip does have its share of pitfalls, the first being their car burns up. Literally. At a motel along comes Elias Koteas as Dean, who sells them a car for $500, and it works fine, but the next morning they awake to find it gone. Dean has cheated them. Then comes young Madeline Zima as Billie, whose young husband just seemed to take off, so she joins them in the road trip. At one stopping point they need a place to crash, hear music, and go to find Nick Nolte as Caldwell, playing a guitar. He joins in for the road trip. Describing it in my feeble manner in no way does justice to the movie. It is very different, often touching, and very well acted.

  • Le nouveau Wizard of Oz


    This movie is part of the "nouvelle vague" in cinema, a more evolved and profound cinema, with deep undergrounds of humanity and courage, with tranquility of sharing and understanding. The analogy with the Wizard of Oz is obvious, since that is where this movie got its roots: three people experiencing different kinds of losses, two of them from Kansas, on a trip to discover the answers they long for - answers they will eventually find in themselves. The director does some terrific job, no matter what they say; he takes all kinds of risks, uses unconventional tools up to the point where a less circumspect and more neophyte viewer would lose track, leaning on extraordinary performances from all actors. The characters are simple, yet sophisticated. For the simple-minded, this movie does not mean much - it's just a road movie with sparkles of unconscious and sentimental movements. Those movements though are instruments of one's true self, as authentic and pathetic and sparkling as any true self is. Way to go for la nouvelle vague!

  • Seemingly insurmountable loses can be redeemed with love.


    I think that this movie is what movies are supposed to be. The journey that the 2 main characters embark on is not only a physical journey but also an emotionally and psychologically healing journey. Both characters have lost more than they can bear and they help each other to recognize that life goes on. Jane learns that she can be emotionally engaged in life - that even though she has lost so much there are still elements in her life that can be reclaimed if she is willing to feel again. Joey has experience loss so great that it has shifted him psychologically and he comes to realize that he needs to express only those things that he can share with others in their realities while keeping his unique reality for his benefit only. The characters they meet along the way all add to their journey of healing. The healing that occurs is subtle and inferred by the thinking person. I view this movie as a masterpiece to be enjoyed by those who are not dependent on typical cookie-cutter tactics.


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