Nil Battey Sannata (2015)

Nil Battey Sannata (2015)

Swara BhaskarRatna Pathak ShahRiya ShuklaPankaj Tripathi
Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari


Nil Battey Sannata (2015) is a Hindi movie. Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari has directed this movie. Swara Bhaskar,Ratna Pathak Shah,Riya Shukla,Pankaj Tripathi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Nil Battey Sannata (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Family movie in India and around the world.

Appu is a class 10th student and is giving up on studies, because she knows her mother will not be able to provide for her higher studies. Her mother tries hard and even enrolled her for maths tuition but Appu thinks only children of rich parents become doctors or engineers and believes she'll end up being a maid too like her mother. But one day her mother gets a chance to continue her Education..


Nil Battey Sannata (2015) Reviews

  • Do yourself a favor – Watch "Nil Battey Sannata" to get inspired and motivated


    Everyone has dreams which basically creates a purpose in life in order to achieve your dream. You need to believe in your dreams, cherish and protect them and make sure nobody takes it away from you. "Nil Battey Sannata", meaning 'knowing nothing', talks about dream a mother has for her child. The riveting drama was felicitated at Silk Road International Film Festival which is an equivalent to Oscar awards in China where Swara Bhaskar won the Best Actress Award. So, is "Nil Battey Sannata" worth your time and money ? Well, let us find out.. "Nil Battey Sannata" is a coming-of-age drama of Apu (Ria Shukla) who finally grows up to become a IPS officer after her mother Chanda (Swara Bhaskar) sacrifices and struggles in her journey of motherhood to make sure she lives her dream of giving Apu a bright future. Directed by debutant Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, "Nil Battey Sannata" is a sparkling film in every context. Right from the beginning of the film, you will be completely engrossed into the beautiful tale of mother and her struggle to keep her dreams alive. Blended with sarcasm and light moments, the film is a powerful drama which will help you sail it through 2 hours without getting bored. Told in a subtle manner, it is the simplicity of narration which is the highlight of the film and you will cherish each and every frame. There are no glossy sets, colorful costumes over-the-tone melodrama yet the film is entertaining and will keep you glued throughout. The screenplay is pivotal defines each and every characters to the core. Couple of scenes do stand out in the first half. The first scene at the school where the students gets punished for violating the rules of the school, the scene where the Pankaj Tripathi is surprised after Ratna Pathaka convinces Swara Bhaskar to join as student and the scene at Collector's house between Swara Bhaskar and guards are hilarious. Hats off to Ashwini Iyer Tiwari for standing out in her first film itself. She definitely has the merits to go long with her impeccable direction. On the flip side, the climax is predictable and could have made it more appealing but the enduring performances by the star cast will leave you satisfied in the end. Music, generally used in background, is tuneful and gels well with the mood of the film. Cinematography is spellbinding capturing the essence of Agra in its beautiful frame. Art direction is brilliant. Dialogues are punching. Performance wise, Swara Bhaskar steals the thunder with her electrifying performance. The "Tanu Weds Manu" actor is just growing better with each film. Surprisingly, this is her first film as a lead and she has displayed matured acting. Watch for her. She definitely has long way to go. Pankaj Tripathi and Ratna Pathak are brilliant as usual. Ria Shukla does well in her role. Overall, "Nil Battey Sannata" is a feel-good cinema with a strong and captivating message. Do yourself a favor – Watch "Nil Battey Sannata" to get inspired and motivated. Excellent 4/5 – Ketan Gupta

  • Selfless Love of a Mother can do wonders!


    Excellent film! A motivational film where a mother motivates her daughter to do something worthwhile in life. The mother is just a 'kaam wali bai' (maid, helper) plus she does many other kinds of odd jobs so that she can educate her daughter to become something – either a doctor or engineer! But the daughter was least interested in studies! She had befriended couple of weak students of her class and all they rather loved it when the teacher sent them out of the class as punishment. She got poor grades and she was more interested to watch TV and paste the pictures of her favourite actors! Her mother was ambitious to see her daughter do something much better than her at least. When she asks her daughter as to what she wants to become in future, she replied that she wanted to become a governess or nanny because they pay well! This shocked her mother and circumstances were then created in such a manner that the daughter slowly and gradually becomes interested in studies, makes friends with intelligent students of the class – plus even her weak friends got interested in studies! She later hacks the IAS examination ! Movie showed the power of positive motivation and also the fact that in order to motivate someone, you need not be some Oxford pass out but just plain simple – even less educated person but with a heart full of love and a firm belief that hard work and patience will definitely show results! **the word Nil is zero, battey - divided by and sannata is again nothing or zero .. so the answer 'become nothing' or 'become zero, the infinite'.

  • An amazing script amalgamated with wonderful acting and direction.


    If you want to experience the magic of amazing scriptwriting combined with great acting and direction, this is the ticket to that wonderland. Right from the start, the cinematography gels with the script. Although it slows down for plot development, but then picks up gracefully again. It's a wonderfully crafted journey that steals your eye control and certainly your heart. Producer Aanand Rai has marvelously mentored the debutant director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. After his stint of great movies, here comes a masterpiece in his first production venture. Ashwiny has shown great efforts and I'll take nothing away from him. It's hard to see such a masterclass in a debutant. The way amalgamation of script and actors have been done is simply amazing. Rising from the supporting character roles, Swara Bhaskar grabbed this lead opportunity with open hands. She is very impressive and her body language is perfect all through. Little girl Riya Shukla steals the heart right from the start and continues to do so throughout. Overall, an amazing script amalgamated with wonderful acting and direction.

  • Feel-good Film


    Films with a social message are usually loud and boring. Nil Battey Sannata is a glorious exception. It is a very engaging film on girls' education. Chanda Sahay has big dreams for her daughter Apu and toils daily as a housemaid and does odd jobs in various sweat shops. On the other hand, Apu who is in class 10 is least interested in school and keeps repeating that her ambition is to become a Bai like her mother. Mother and daughter constantly bicker over this. Chanda's employer, the kind and wise Dr Deewan (Ratna Phatak Shah), comes up with an artful plan and gets Chanda admitted to the same class as Apu. This leads to even more friction and a bit of competition between mother and daughter. Their weakness is maths and a boy, suitably looking nerdy in thick glasses, helps them get over their fear with some astonishing mnemonics. There are plenty of emotion charged scenes, and if you find your eyes getting wet, it is not because the film is manipulative but because of brilliant scripting and endearing performances. Swara Bhaskar as Chanda and Riya Shukla as Apu are both excellent. Pankaj Tripathi's comically stern principal is a splendid cameo. The title of the film literally means zero divided by zero and is a local idiom for an idiot. There are a couple of irritants, which I don't want to pick on in what is essentially a very heartwarming and feel-good film. I would recommend that you take along your domestic helps to watch it.

  • Light & Nice - Filled with heartful moments


    Generally light and nice this movie has received positive reviews. Amongst the few reasons to watch is the direction and acting talent at show by Swara Bhaskar and Ratna Pathak Shah. After a recent release its an extreme delight to see actors like Ratna Pathak Shah playing again. Exceptional talent here displayed by both actors. The movie has an usual story of a woman struggling seeking to educate her daughter earn a respectable life different from her own. Although there is no melodrama there are scenes in the movie good enough to stir your emotions in every possible way. The scenes such as the one where Chanda is taken to meet the school headmaster are one amongst the ones really appreciating.


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