Ordinary World (2016)

Billie Joe ArmstrongFred ArmisenJudy GreerSelma Blair
Lee Kirk


Ordinary World (2016) is a English movie. Lee Kirk has directed this movie. Billie Joe Armstrong,Fred Armisen,Judy Greer,Selma Blair are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Ordinary World (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Music movie in India and around the world.

The mid-life crisis of a husband and father who, on his 40th birthday, decides to revisit his punk-rock past by throwing an extravagant party in the presidential suite of the Drake Hotel - where he encounters his beautiful ex-girlfriend and former bandmates who have since moved on to bigger and better things.

Ordinary World (2016) Reviews

  • "Ordinary World" lives up to half of it's title at any rate.


    I really wanted to like "Ordinary World". The comedy stars Green Day front-man Billie Joe Armstrong as Perry, a just turned middle-aged singer/guitarist on indefinite hiatus from his once-promising rock group. This cat is a fish flung FAR out of water as domesticated husband, father and feckless hardware store sales guy. When presented with the opportunity to celebrate his 40th birthday in grand style he does it up right in a posh New York City hotel suite, together with his ex band-mates and a pack of party animals he's heretofore never met. Natch, shenanigan's soon ensue. While the hard driving original music Armstrong contributes is fantastic, particularly the amped-up onslaught that mule kick starts the story, the superlatives for this largely lukewarm effort pretty much start and end there. Writer/Director Lee Kirk thrusts it completely upon Armstrong to carry his movie, as the brilliant musician performs in practically every single one of it's scenes. Now granted, Armstrong's Perry is of decidedly docile demeanor, having ostensibly fallen into the mostly uneventful life he now leads. However, he proves to be just a little TOO passive in this role. To the point where Armstrong's underplaying of his understated character never managed to amplify and fully engage me. In all candor, the same can be said of the turns turned in by the flick's supporting stable of actors, which includes a trio of highly capable pros in Selma Blair, Chris Messina and Fred Armisen. Still, despite the earnestly honorable intentions, and in keeping with the film's title, all involved here wind up coming off as not much more than...yep...you guessed it. Ordinary.

  • Takes Way Too Long to Get Unraveled


    If only the first hour of this film was as good as its final twenty minutes. I felt there was a better movie in here somewhere that never really emerged, as the film got mired in awkward and flat humor, plus some plot elements that just didn't ring true. Billie Joe Armstrong (the lead vocalist for Green Day) stars here as Perry, a former punk rocker who left the band some years before to start a family. Now he's quite a scatterbrained but decent guy going through a midlife crisis. He's having trouble, as he's ready to celebrate his 40th birthday, accepting living in his "ordinary world", as a husband and father of two, and mired in a job with his brother in a family owned hardware store. Thus, the film will follow Perry for one day,as he ends up spontaneously arranging a birthday party at a very fancy hotel, in NYC. Overall, the movie, written and directed by Lee Kirk, just took way too long to get unraveled, but at least the final parts of the film prevented it from being a complete clunker, in my opinion.

  • OK movie


    I expected that Billie Joe Armstrong will be bad in this movie, I was wrong. He was good. He can act, not Oscar worthy, but he can act. This movie has many flaws, some major plot point are not explained at the end of the movie, it's bothering me a little bit All the acting was fine, everyone did their jobs well The soundtrack was awesome Predictable as hell Overall, OK movie. You can watch it as a Green Day fan and you will be pleased by Billie acting skills. I enjoy it, not sure I'll watch again or not but hey check it out, it's worth your time

  • A lighthearted comedy


    This film tells the story of an ex rocker who gave up on his band years ago to have a family. On his fortieth birthday, he experiences a midlife crisis, and splashes out on a presidential suite to party with his friends. "Ordinary World" is about the seemingly ordinary life of a man who works in his family business. He is a character that people can relate to. It is rather sad that his family do not remember his birthday, something that I can imagine is rather terrible. As his day gets worse, he decides to counteract the downward spiral. The whole premise of the story is quite funny, and I can see both humour and dark humour in the story. I like the ending too, I did not quite expect the wife saying that outside the house to Perry in the dog house! I enjoyed this lighthearted comedy.

  • Nice Family Entertainment


    i saw this film at the premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival last night. It was different than I was expecting. I was expecting more of a darker musical/comedy, something along the lines of Almost Famous. I would say it was closer to something along the lines of Mr. Mom. The film was entertaining, but quite formulaic. It really was just another version of the coming of age type film. However, there were some very funny moments and some nice running jokes in the film. The entire cast was great. Billie Joe Armstrong did a great job in his first starring role. He was incredibly likable and really made you enjoy the character of Perry. I was surprised that the film appears to be geared towards a family film, but it is nice entertainment for everyone and especially any Green Day fans.

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