Person to Person (2017)

Person to Person (2017)

Abbi JacobsonMichael CeraTavi GevinsonBene Coopersmith
Dustin Guy Defa


Person to Person (2017) is a English movie. Dustin Guy Defa has directed this movie. Abbi Jacobson,Michael Cera,Tavi Gevinson,Bene Coopersmith are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Person to Person (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Follows a variety of New York characters as they navigate personal relationships and unexpected problems over the course of one day.

Person to Person (2017) Reviews

  • I've got music in my heart, I've got love for it


    I watched this film at the Toronto Internation Film Felstival's Next Wave, which was free for anyone under 25 years of age, with more than 300 other young people. I like to read reviews to get a general consensus on how a film performed, and I almost didn't go to this one because of the reviews I had read, which were mostly negative; but one of my friends had said: "You can't always trust the reviews." She was right. After the film the director Dustin Guy Defa got on the stage to have a discussion and a Q&A about the film. It was shot on 16mm film, which gave it its subtle grain and warm look. Defa revealed that the main character Bene, the nice-shirt wearing record collector, was his actual real-life roomate, and the central figure he wanted the film to revolve around. Defa also discussed how Bene and Michael Cera's character Phil both deeply loved music, yet expressed it in different ways. Phil's is this aggressive metal, which is his only way to express himself, but he plays it to try and impress others, and this extends into his whole character. Whereas Bene loves collecting records and listening to beautiful soul, and is able to express himself not only through music but also his relationships with his best friend and roommate Ray and girlfriend Francis. Bene is able to act with passion in any situation, showing "big love," and even willing to break legs when his kindness is taken for granted. I interpreted Phil and Bene's juxtaposition as the difference between listening to music with your mind and feeling it with your heart and soul. Phil's music was very lyrical and chaotic, where Bene's was smooth and danceable. I'm not saying one music choice is better than the other, but you see where each character ends up at the end of the film, and this is not only due to their music choice, but also the way they behave in the world. Overall I thought the film was light and had this unexplainable warmness to it. It did have moments where it fell flat, like when Wendy and Melanie have a conversation about genitalia that ends with long awkward silence, which comes off as uncomfortable rather than the humor which was intended. Nonetheless, my friend and I very much enjoyed the film, and I hope to see more from the great Dustin Guy Defa, the beautiful Tavi Gevinson, and the nice shirt wearing Bene Coopersmith in the future.

  • Has Its Moments of Quirky Humor But Film Loses Steam as it Progresses


    The movie follows an ensemble cast of characters as they face various situations in their lives, all in one day in New York City. The humor here can be subtle and quirky at times, but the film itself loses steam, in my opinion, as it progresses and ends up not really going anywhere. There were moments when I felt this indie had a Woody Allen feel to it, but those moments were too few and far between. All in all, some sparks of cleverness but they just weren't sustained.

  • Unimpressed


    I was intrigued by the trailer and looked forward to viewing Person to Person for quite a while. Perhaps it's my fault for having high expectations, but this fell completely flat. I love Woody Allen movies. For whatever reason, I expected this to be rival some of Allen's recent work with witty, humorous dialogue that goes by quickly with a smart theme. Person to Person includes neither. It's empty, illogical, and boring. This may sound like a compliment, but I mean it in the worst way possible: The movie flows like a mixture of a Todd Solondz movie mixed with Jim Jarmusch. However, it lacks the awkward sleaziness of Solondz and the uniqueness of most Jarmusch films. The story follows multiple New Yorkers throughout one day - this has been done before many times and more successfully. Michael Cera and his story shines while the others relentlessly drag on. I lost interest in every other character pretty early on. The writing is mediocre and many of the actors struggle through the corny lines and story-lines. In short, the subtle tone here falls flat. I really wanted to love Person to Person, but it's simply boring and insignificant.

  • Perhaps the worst movie I've ever seen


    This movie was so pointless and tedious that I signed on to IMDb for the first time in a decade just to let you all know. It is everything bad about indie films and nothing good. It's an insult to good taste. I'm a huge Cera fan, and was thrilled to see Abbi from Broad City in the cast. How could a movie with these two stellar people be so terrible? I just don't know. I wouldn't wish this hour and a half of boring torture on my worst enemy. And I usually like these kinds of films. It might be the worst movie I've ever sat through.

  • Had no expectations, yet this movie met all of them.


    I had never even heard of this movie before clicking on it (I've recently fallen in love with Michael Cera and searched his name on Hulu in a desperate attempt to find something other than his more popular films such as Scott Pilgrim VS the World, Superbad, or Juno.). I went into it expecting nothing, but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie follows four people in New York City over the course of one day, each facing their own unique trials. The movie is definitely on the edgy-artsy-indie side and has that certain awkward and uncomfortable air around the characters and dialogue. It was interesting throughout the entire film. I was surprised when it ended because I was so captivated that it felt like it just started. You'll never guess what'll happen next. If you're looking for a happy ending with a complete resolution, this isn't the movie for you. The characters don't really have a complete wrap up and round off except for Benny. It leaves you slightly dissatisfied, but I still enjoyed the movie. The characters are all extremely lovable and relatable despite how odd and unique they are. The movie was well executed.


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