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Rahasya (2015)

Kay Kay MenonAshish VidyarthiTisca ChopraMita Vashisht
Manish Gupta


Rahasya (2015) is a Hindi movie. Manish Gupta has directed this movie. Kay Kay Menon,Ashish Vidyarthi,Tisca Chopra,Mita Vashisht are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Rahasya (2015) is considered one of the best Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A Doctor stands accused of killing his own eighteen-year old daughter. While this aggrieved father protests his innocence, all evidence points towards him irrefutably. While his own wife suspects him too, the C.B.I. sleuth on the case concludes that the doctor could not have killed his own daughter. So then, who did it? And why? As the C.B.I sleuth seeks these answers, he uncovers a vicious web of adultery and hidden family secrets...

Rahasya (2015) Reviews

  • Good Actors, Great Performances, Detailed Direction and a Good Thriller


    As it is said for the movie, the plot has been inspired by the famous Aarushi murder case from the real past. The adaptation of the base idea has been beautifully executed and characterization is superb. Casting is the solid base and writing takes full marks. When a film maker attempts to show the ugly face of the society of millionaires, its becomes a responsibility to show it in its true color. Director has done a great job in execution and presentation of the movie. And when the audiences know the facts before hand it becomes more tough to make the whole story more interesting and exciting. It has the power to make you glued till the end. First half is all being the mysterious one and even the 80% of second half goes on the same mystery path, and at the end it is revealed. But yes, movie doesn't end till the last minute, for the audiences and that's the best thing, for a murder mystery thriller. Its a must watch for all those audiences who really like meaningful and quality cinema.

  • Very watchable suspense with great acting


    KK's acting is superb and steals the show. The others are also usually good (with occasional overacting). I had never noticed Tisca Chopra earlier but she does a pretty good job in her limited role. Overall, characterisations are pretty good. Neat story. So far, I am unable to find a plothole. Many elements in the movie are portrayed realistically, with minor details like the behaviour of a hotel manager also taken into consideration. Overall, I liked the execution of the movie, a rare murder mystery from Bollywood. Recommended watch.

  • An Awesome Thriller.


    Simply the best thriller and suspense movie I watched till now. KK Menon Sir, I am your new fan after watching this movie. Great direction, superb acting from all of the cast. The movie is so awesome, it keeps you engaged all the time. I just love the plot, screenplay, story and everything about the movie. I wish the CBI acts in same way as shown in the movie, but unfortunately our CBI is also corrupt and they cant solve a case in the same manner as shown in the movie. Great movie, Awesome Acting. Its sad to see that movie of this kind wont earn much and wont get much fame in India. But third class movies of SRK and Salmaan would earn millions.!

  • Nice Film


    Rahasya is one of the best suspense thriller in recent time.its gripping screenplay and the matching direction keeps you always on the edge of your seat. brilliant performance by Kay Kay and his dialogues added more weightage to his presence。。。 yes being an audience it was my defeat by not guessing the right culprit till the end but i really enjoyed this defeat with a broad smile cause never expected such an extra ordinary climax with a logical reasoning.i must congratulate Mr. Manish Gupta and his team for this brilliant masterpiece and expect the same kind of quality work from him in future. Wish you luck for all future en devours.

  • Gripping and captivating whodunit thriller


    Rahasya is a murder mystery loosely inspired by Arushi murder case.The movie is about the murder of a teenager girl and the attempt of a CBI officer to unmask the killer.Their are many positive points about the movie and writing is one of them which is engrossing.Its screenplay is very absorbing.Right from the beginning you begin to guess about the killer among them.The flow is very fluent and the movie is a straight forward one.Their are no unnecessary sub-plots or scenes which regulates the flow of film.The main quality of the film is that it keeps you guessing till the very end.The apex of the movie is superb.1st half is good and intensifies the mystery.The way the suspense builds up is really amazing.2nd half is good although is a bit overstretched. K.K menon is a very good actor and plays the role brilliantly.He is awesome in the role of a CBI officer and as a husband who cares for his family and can't compromise with his moral ethics.He doesn't takes bribe even when his wife forces her to do so by referring their weak economical condition.His dialog delivery is so simple and riveting.His expressions are brilliant.He is simply a powerhouse of talent.Tisca chopra is good although in some scenes she becomes uneasy.Ashish vidhyarthi was awesome.Its good and soothing experience to see him in such a brilliant role.Rest of the star- cast is also good. Manish Gupta,with his direction shows how excellent storyteller he is?The ways he proceeds the story while not loosing his grip is truly worth applause. Dialogs of the movie are good and matches consummately with the tone of the movie.Cinematography is good and captures the true Mumbai where the poor and rich peoples live together.The locations of the movie is good and magnifies the tense atmosphere of the movie positively.The length of the movie is short although could have been little more shorter. If you are a lover of a mystery thriller then you must go for it.It is very rare in bollywood to make such a climatic and vivid thriller which makes you guessing till the end.It is a gripping and riveting film which keeps you hooked.A nice and realistic cinematic experience. I would lovingly rate it 7.4 out of 10.

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