Rebel (2012)

Rebel (2012)

PrabhasTamannaah BhatiaDeeksha SethKelly Dorji
Lawrence Raghavendra


Rebel (2012) is a Telugu movie. Lawrence Raghavendra has directed this movie. Prabhas,Tamannaah Bhatia,Deeksha Seth,Kelly Dorji are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Rebel (2012) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Rishi is seeking revenge for his late parents who were murdered.

Rebel (2012) Reviews

  • Disappointed


    I never search for any kind of logic in these kind of movies, but this was way pass that category. I always have high hopes when the cast is this much good, but I was painfully disappointed. Normally this movie was supposed to be full of entertainment. But alas the movie has no good dialogues , neither a strong story line, writer forcefully included some emotional scenes which are not much relevant to the movie. And the most disastrous part was the comedy. There was hardly any comedy which is unlike for a telegu movie. The good things are the action is good, and the actor-actress are eye candy which helped me a lot throughout the movie.

  • Disaster at its best


    The only reason I rated this a 1 star movie is, IMDb does not provide the facility of rating less than 1 for a title. Rebel has established a new landmark for so called worst movies. I really don't understand the reasons behind Prabhas signing this project. When the script itself is faulted who can save it, except for God. If I had the liberty to kill a person out of love towards movies, I really take pleasure in killing a person called Lawrence Raghava, the director of the movie. Any human being with a handy-cam can make a better movie than this one. I hope the people of Telugu industry realize this and ban him. Coming to other departments, frankly there is nothing to speak about in this movie. The actors performance was one of the worst you can see on screen. The most disappointing was Tamanna, oh boy, she really has the caliber to drive a movie all by herself, best example for that is 100% Love,but Rebel made me hate her to the core. Brahmanandam cant be more irritating, even if he wants to be. There is nothing that can be called a story in this movie. And a honorable advise for Prabhas, dewde(dude) you are better than this, you don't need to be a Kamal Hassan to be a Telugu lead actor, you just need to be smart in choosing your scripts. Verdict: I know its too late for a review, but am trying to save people from watching it on DVD or TV

  • Bad , really bad


    I love movies!!!! And I watch all types of movies from around the world and I'm into all genres. This movie just made one of my worst movie list. No lie, the first hour is dreadful with bad acting and story line. Save yourself the agony. I rated it a 4 after watching the first hour but changed it to 2 as the movie prolongs. Smh. It's gets a 2 because I am being generous.

  • Rebel is an revenge-based action film.


    Story: Rishi comes to Hyderabad in search of Mafia's deadly duo Stephen and Robert. Nobody knows how they look like. Rishi's mission is to identify them and eliminate them. He starts from the bottom of the mafia pyramid to get to the top. In the process he uses a beautiful girl (Tamanna) who dislikes her father's criminal activity and settles as a dance teacher in Bangkok. The rest of the story is about what prompted Rishi to search for Stephen and Robert and how he eliminates them. Prabhas: Prabhas has a kind of screen persona and a ravishing and manly chiseled body that he makes surrealistic and superlative action sequences completely believable. His dialogue delivery as a angry young man is a great asset. Lawrence has used these two unique features of Prabhas to maximum while working for Rebel film. Prabhas is completely awe-inspiring as Rebel. Prabhas also possess a rare quality of delivering comedy for an out-and-out action hero. Others: Tamanna is beautiful as a dance teacher settled in Bangkok. Deeksha Seth is completely spontaneous in this role compared to her earlier films. Krishnam Raju dons the new get-up of white haired elder man who is dressed in white designer suits all the time. Mukesh Rushi plays an important role. Brahmanandam is used for the comedy in the first half. Kovai Sarala did the role of Tamanna colleague in Bangkok dance school. Pradeep Rawat plays one of the villains. Dr. Bharat Reddy does a vital negative role. There are many new faces who have acted in negative roles. Supreet did an important role of 'right-hand-man' to hero. Ali is entertaining in a cameo. Rebel is an revenge-based action film. Prabhas is known as one of the best mass stars of Telugu cinema. Lawrence's movies are known to appeal to the raw senses of mass movie lovers. Rebel is no exception. Interval block is really good. Rebel has decent commercial elements and targeted at masses. Masses will like it.

  • Not worth a chance


    You need to be a hard-core fan of Prabhas to watch this movie. Just watch, not even like. The movie is worst at every aspect. Story, songs, actors, direction, visuals....and so on! You name it and you got the worst of it in this movie. Prabhas is the only tolerable thing about this movie because one can see he is probably the only one who has put any kind of effort in the movie. It's, definitely, not his best work but he remains the best in this film. Rest of the actors are simply annoying, intolerable and forgettable. Even the villains do not make much of an impact in the story. I do not think even the dialogue writer, story writer or the director has made any effort for this movie. For all the viewers who have just begun to watch South Indian movies or Prabhas's movies due to Baahubali: Please do not watch this movie or judge Prabhas with this movie.


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