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Retribution (2017)

Retribution (2017)

Swaylee LoughnaneAmar AdatiaCalum BestDaniel Eghan
Christine Edwards


Retribution (2017) is a English movie. Christine Edwards has directed this movie. Swaylee Loughnane,Amar Adatia,Calum Best,Daniel Eghan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Retribution (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Fantasy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Naomi Vista is an accomplished flautist, with a scholarship to one of the best music academies in the world. Just before her enrollment, both her parents die, throwing Naomi into a pit of despair. At the academy, Naomi is magnetically drawn to Raphael, a quiet and ethereal stranger. However, Raphael is not what he seems, he is a fallen angel. Through Raphael's guidance, Naomi rediscovers a love for life, however, this has attracted the attention of a gang of fallen angels that Raphael left years ago. The gang is led by Raphael's brother, Demeteri but it is Kyber, a bitter rival, who is intent on finishing what he started eight hundred years ago, to destroy Raphael. Meanwhile, the gang of fallen angels led by Demeteri are instigating a gang war in London to oust the current gangland leader with a man of their choosing - Eddie. Eddie is a lovable loser who after being manipulated by the fallen angels becomes a cold hearted killer. Set against the backdrop of a London gang war, Naomi and...


Retribution (2017) Reviews

  • Terrible! Acting is school grade!... No school is better


    I can't believe the high ratings! Are you for real? This is one of the movies I put in the "Forget it" basket and recommend no one waste their time, their life on this! The acting is bad from the first moment! The "plot", what plot? The "story" hang on, there isn't one! All those involved in this movie, I mean ALL, go for a different career path!

  • Everything is super wrong with this movie! God Awful. Tragic. Amateur.


    I have watched some rubbish in my time but this tops the list.Let me start with the actors.The leads:Naomi and Raphael,The antagonist: Demeteri,Demeteri right hand man,Kyber and other bunch of extras who has little acting experience.The way they delivered their lines seems forceful, no emotion, no nothing, it's like watching a monotonous teacher with dreadful voice teaching in front of you, super boring.Kyber-a producer for this movie, along with Christine Edwards (they were together producing Gangsters Gamblers Geezers last year, another not so good movie), always looking sulky with protruding eyes (colored sometimes, horrid contact lenses) with little, meaningless lines. I honestly would love to ask all actors in this movie to learn how to act (please attend universities of art somewhere on this earth) and DO NOT continue acting unless you have graduated from that uni. Same goes to the production crew. Please study and do your homework! BTW, too much gel on Raphael's hair. The ridiculous scenes:I can see clearly that the parent's accident scene is like watching a toy car pushed sideways. I wonder of the director was trying to copy "a toy Thomas derailed in The Ant Man's scene",but failed miserably because it was horrendously made. The fighting scene was poorly edited, rendering those scenes being funny because I heard punching sound without actual punching movement from the actors.The sound department's/ editor chose wrong sound effect for it,poor them, I bet my students can do better than them. Therefore, if you have nothing to do, like really nothing to do, please go and watch this movie at the cinema. I was super annoyed while watching it hence I wrote the review. I need to write it, share my thought, because it was super awful, super dreadful. Ta

  • can't wait


    I really love the movie. The fact is that it takes time to discover anything about the plot not a problem for me, but it was clear to many. If you can just keep asking questions until the end of the movie then this is for you. The plot is really engaging and unique. For me, it was a great drama movie. Easily one of my favorite movies of all time, and the best movies of recent years!

  • I really liked this film


    Great, mysterious and original story. Very interesting plot with character development. Great framing / scene - the director did an amazing job.

  • I really liked this film


    The script is very engaging, I watched it and wanted to watch it again. Acting is wonderful, my wife also think so!

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