Robin Williams Live on Broadway (2002)

Robin Williams Live on Broadway (2002)

Marty Callner


Robin Williams Live on Broadway (2002) is a English movie. Marty Callner has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2002. Robin Williams Live on Broadway (2002) is considered one of the best Documentary,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

The fourth HBO stand-up special by Robin Williams.

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    The hardest thing in the acting business is to make someone laugh. And laugh hard! Robin Williams succeeds with what seems like ease, he just fires one joke after another and around 20% are so amazingly funny you wonder if you ever saw a funnier stand-up performance in your life. He made me realize one other thing - comedians are the philosophers of modern time, they are hardcore critics of current state of politics, drugs, sports, environment, just name it, they have witty and to the spot anecdotes for every subject. Without them we would be so much emptier, they realize stuff that's true just no one else sees it. A brilliant and amazingly funny, (repeat this about 5 times to get the idea just how much), an unmissable performance. 9/10

  • funny as hell


    While I like seeing Robin Williams explore his darker side in "Death to Smoochie" and "Insomnia", it is still nice to see him do what he does best: be funny as all hell. The special is essentially one sentence. I saw this because he never really finishes a thought. He starts on something, goes on about whatever topic and then once he reaches another topic, he launches into that one, leaving the previous topic behind never to return to it. It is always nice to see a comedian at the top of his game and this is certainly that. 10/10

  • You'll laugh until you cry


    Robin Williams used to be a very unique talent (as far as comedy goes) - and his standup was great. But it seems the awkward shift from comedy films to dramas like "Dead Poet's Society," "Awakenings" and "Good Will Hunting" - no matter how good they may have been - severely altered the public perception and he became something else. Twenty years after his last performance on Broadway, Robin returns once again for his best standup routine - ever. As disappointing as his recent cinematic comedic endeavours may be, this proves he's still got it - at least as far as standup goes. He spits out the jokes faster than you could imagine. He careens from one to the next and before you have the time to stop and laugh at one, he's launching into another. Each time you think you've found a new favorite joke in the program, he tops it. One reviewer on an external site said it's some type of "fake controversy" - an old, expired comic pretending to be daring when he's really just under the cover of HBO. Whatever - all I know is that this is hilarious, and really raunchy. The last joke - an extended bit revolving around the topic of a sexual act - is absolutely hysterical and the entire audience can hardly control themselves. If you like Robin Williams, you'll love this. If you don't like Robin Williams - the actor we've come to known through cinema - you'll definitely love this, because it shows a very different side to a man many people consider to be spoiled milk in the comedy-film biz.

  • A non-stop comic romp.


    The legendary comedian-actor knows how to deliver stand-up comedy in such a way that just leaves you laughing non-stop. Williams is the type of comic who can easily tickle the audience's funny bone to the point where you the viewer can't stop laughing. It's impossible to say the least. Where ever Robin Williams has appeared in movies or talk shows like Letterman, Leno, Carson, Inside the Actor's Studio, and in this case - on Broadway. And here, Williams shows why he's one of the best in the generation and the large variety of topics - ranging from world and national politics, the church scandal, the Winter Olympics, and being 50 is certainly beyond belief. Just watching Robin taking some hilarious shots at some key members of the Bush cabinet and of course, Bush himself are among the best ones delivered. The joke about Ted Kennedy being "Jabba the Hut" was a nasty one, too. The show is a non-stop comic romp even though some jokes might offend some people and is definitely one not to let the "ankle-bitters" watch.

  • Robin's Best


    20 years ago, Robin Williams had his best live stand-up on Broadway. 20 years later, Robin returns (live) to give an even better performance and equally funny. 52 years old and not slowing down for a second, Robin Williams is non-stop for almost 2 hours as he tackles terrorism, sex, drugs, family, golf, drinking, cats, the gay mafia, and everything else you can think of. Less poetic as his first stand up show 20 years before, but Live on Broadway (2002) is one of the best stand up shows of the year, by far!


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