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Sakasama no Patema (2013)

Sakasama no Patema (2013)

Yukiyo FujiiNobuhiko OkamotoShintarô OohataShinya Fukumatsu
Yasuhiro Yoshiura


Sakasama no Patema (2013) is a Japanese,Esperanto movie. Yasuhiro Yoshiura has directed this movie. Yukiyo Fujii,Nobuhiko Okamoto,Shintarô Oohata,Shinya Fukumatsu are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Sakasama no Patema (2013) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Romance,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

A young girl, from a civilization that resides in deep underground tunnels, finds herself trapped in an inverted world and teams up with a resident to escape and return home.

Sakasama no Patema (2013) Reviews

  • possible geometries


    I was surprised at the scarcity of geometry explanations in the movie- and this was clearly intentional. Some people believed it was all "fuzzy" or "not thought through"- while in fact the picture is entirely coherent, and the authors leave enough clues to put it together- but they simply choose not to explicitly elaborate in the movie. Paradoxically, this basically pulls the movie away from a harder-core SF content, into the soft of the interpersonal relationships- this was probably their intent. This is a typical "hollow earth setup"- of course, this was never Earth, but a space habitat/colony, entirely artificial (don't let the grass fool you, the skeleton is made of metal) - as suggested by the nearby planet with a debris ring orbiting it (possibly a consequence of the same gravitational catastrophe). Agee's world lives on the inner side of this shell, while at the very end the characters punch through the metal shell and reach the true outside surface of this habitat- where the collapsed building are scattered.The "inner sky is in fact a device/factory located at the nucleus of this spherical shell- that serves as a "luminary" for the inner crust world- a central sun. At some point, the two characters flee that surface which was getting warmer and warmer - the sun was switching on in the morning. So the story could be like this: people were inhabiting this colony, on the usual outer side, with normal gravity. At some point, they decided they have to move to the inside of the shell, and use a central "sun" (which clearly had to be built beforehand with this purpose in mind) - but for this you either need rotation ( a la G. O'Neil space settlements) or some reverse gravity. When this happened, the buildings and the people on the outer surface were repelled into the sky- probably for a short while, until the experiment was terminated and the buildings collapsed back onto the ground. The only people that survived were those inside the crust of the colony, in the tunnels. Also, a group of people were permanently inverted - had a"mutation" that would pull them towards the outside of the planet, rather than to the inside. These were Agee's people. This is reminiscent of Christopher Priest's novel "Inverted world" - with the hyperboloidal gravity. So the irony is: the actual "inverted" people are the "puritans" in Agee's city - that is why they fall into the real sky once exposed to the true, outer surface- while the tunnel people are the survivors of the "normal" humans, the ones that could live on the outer surface. Other inversions: Agee's surface is not the real surface ( "the real world" as the picture says), the sky is not real, the sun they see during the day is actually a machine, the stars are the safety lights of this at nighttime, the clouds are the smoke output of the nucleus factory, the people that reverse fall into the sky are actually Agee's people, not the others (which simply fall down)- so all the original expectations are actually inverted at the end: the "normal-looking" folks are actually the mutants, and the underdogs in the tunnels are the "original" = "normal inhabitants". Interesting that the movie did not want to emphasize all these nuances, leaving the conclusions for the spectators -as a SF fan, I am particularly puzzled.

  • Incredible, keeps you guessing, surprises you constantly


    I don't want to spoil anything but when I saw the concept of this movie I did not think much of it. I figured I'd go watch it on the strength of the fact that it won some award in Ireland. I just saw the North American Premiere and I was totally shocked by it. The only review I had read of this movie was that it was "OK". Folks, this movie is better than OK, it is fantastic. It is not at all what I thought it would be and the concept of "inverted" is key here. They keep on changing what's real and what's not, and your idea of what reality is switches back and forth several times. They have a few really big reveals in the film that kind of blow you away. I don't even want to say what other movies this is like because it would give it away. But similarities aside, it still manages to be original and refreshing. Just be prepared to have your mind blown several times in the course of the movie all the way to the ending. There is another movie called Upside Down that came out around the same time as this, maybe a bit earlier. I have never seen it but the reviews on it are terrible. These guys may not be the "original" upside down movie but they certainly did a great job with the concept, probably better based on the reviews. Do yourself a favor and watch it, and do not read any plot synopses on it beforehand. Don't spoil the surprises.

  • Flip your brain like a pancake.


    I used to be a fan of anime, a huge one too... but the more good live-action movies one sees, the less one is impressed with anime writing, plots and characters. I'm set for life on screaming 15-year-olds, thank you. Then again, once in a while a concept anime comes along that just completely blows your wig off, and Patema Inverted is one of these. The main characters are a pair of 15-year- old... dang it. All right, it's not completely original, and sometimes even bad, like when it has an obnoxiously evil general right out of Gundam Wing for a villain. Fortunately, the central couple are very modest with tears and histrionics, which is all the more impressive considering the terrifying anti-gravity hijinks they go through (a "69" version of Castle in the Sky, to put it in very general terms). The movie opens with the sight of a large city over radio transmissions. The voices begin to talk more quickly, then transition into an outright panic, and then, we see the buildings detach from the ground and fall up into the sky, in ruins. Patema is an adolescent girl born after this tragedy. She lives in an tunnel community deep underground, and likes to explore the "forbidden zone" - an uninhabited area where for some reason, all the EXIT signs are on the floor and railings attach to the ceiling. One day, she finds a colossal vertical shaft and notices that in this shaft, dust motes travel up. She decides to follow the motes and explore, and discovers a world outside, covered in grass and trees, where the sky is visible and the stars shine at night. It's too bad that gravity here is the opposite of hers, and she's basically clinging to the world's ceiling for dear life, with the sky waiting to swallow her as soon as her grip gives out. Then, things get wild. Direction and visual design are superb, and exceedingly creative with the possibilities of inverted gravity, especially when two people - one inverted, one straight - clasp onto one another. In fact, maybe a little too good - there were points where I kept imagining streams of vertigo puke spew out of my face and fly into the clouds. If you're scared of heights, you will sweat more watching this than any horror movie. Did you ever watch Memento and then spend a couple of hours thinking backwards or expecting to forget everything any second? This type of lasting head-job is something I got very strongly watching Patema. Hell, I'm typing this in Notepad right now and automatically wondering how many lines I can write before they come unstuck from the top of the window and crash down. Without further spoilers, I give Patema Inverted the highest possible grade. I only just have one additional complaint: have any of these people ever heard of a rope harness?

  • Awesome!!!


    This is with out of doubt the best Anime movie i seen in years (Better then most Hollywood films.) This was awesome, for me this was a joy ride, that fill me with emotions and blown my mind. Since I am an artist in my own way I was speechless how detailed and beautiful was the drawings(architecture, character design and world design). Music was Great, Music definitely enhanced the film (Hopefully the soundtrack will come out soon, so I could add to my collection with other anime soundtracks). And Story was mind blowing, it dug deep in my mind even after leaving the cinema. It had great story (+) art and (+) music = Excellent film. Fans of "Time of EVE" will definitely enjoy "Patema Inverted". I recommend for every one to see this film,

  • When the sky is not the limit...


    Another direct-on-net release from the director of 'Time of Eve'. A very unique concept that resembles Hollywood's live-action 'Upside Down'. It should not be a reason to you to discard from watching. In fact a lot better than that and completely a different storyline. When I picked to watch it I did not think it will reach beyond my expectation, but it did. And now it becomes one of the top rated by me among a few others from the year 2013. Anime movie fans must not miss it. Patema, a young girl who lives in the underground tunnels is curious about the outside world which is forbidden to enter. Her father, a pioneer who was disappeared trying to find a bridge between the worlds. One day while exploring on the danger zone she falls into a deep hollow pit. Wake-ups and finds in a strange world where people are upside down and to them she's. Meets someone who she can trust, and he saves her from falling further into the sky. The mystery about the inverted world and what cause it was told while Patema makes her escape while other men try to hunt her down. ''The sky eats all sinners.'' Initially I laughed because few scenes looked so funny, like a kid walking on the street having a hydrogen balloon in his hand. In the other end the story narration was pretty serious, so I put back my concentration to the movie. Falling in a hole and finding yourself in a different world is what basically inspired from the fairy tale 'Alice in Wonderland'. We could have expected that from Studio Ghibli, but this one was completely a science-fiction and that is what this director is famous for. The concept was not the fresh, the story created around it was. The animation was only a little disappointing in few parts. Art was great and I don't know what is the framerate, but the motion was not smooth, especially in the slow motions. Other than technical aspect, it can be enjoyed by anyone without age limit. The end twist totally changes the perspective of the story that involved in the earlier. A nice solution, but it will not explain in detail the experiment that caused the world split with two opposite gravity forces. In my opinion, it is fine for not binding it to thoroughly on the science. As it now, everyone can understand it, even the common people. You know everyone can't be intelligent like who are, entertainment is the notion and this movie serves it well. I thought after the legend Miyazaki's retirement, the anime industry may fall behind, but his son and especially this filmmaker looks very promising and a few others I have noticed. We usually see quite a lot animation movies every year, but not that much anime movies. It is limited, so don't miss the opportunity if you get one for this movie.


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