Singham Returns (2014)

Ajay DevgnKareena KapoorAmole GupteAnupam Kher
Rohit Shetty


Singham Returns (2014) is a Hindi movie. Rohit Shetty has directed this movie. Ajay Devgn,Kareena Kapoor,Amole Gupte,Anupam Kher are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Singham Returns (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Bajirao Singham now a DCP posted at Mumbai's Mahim police station with team of honest officers like Inspector Daya and constable Mahesh Jadhav who bring the criminals and law breakers to their knees.Mahesh goes missing suddenly and later his corpse is found in drowned ambulance with lots of money at Bhoighat,Singham finds that the ambulance belongs to a fraudster Satyaraj Chandar known as Babaji whose carrying all illegal business with help of politician Guruji's secretary Prakash Rao.Babaji with the back up of his huge followers and Rao plans to frame Mahesh in the case in this process he also kills Guruji as he opposes their demands.Singham resigns from the force and shits to his village Shivgadh where his family wants him to marry Avni but Singham hasn't resigned and is at Shivgadh to find evidence against Babaji.

Singham Returns (2014) Reviews

  • Achieves what it tries to. Nothing more!!!


    I watched the film because some of my friends had already booked tickets for me without my permission. Otherwise, i wouldn't have. Anyone who has seen Singham has to necessarily see this one. I actually liked the first Singham film. The purpose of this film seems to be to enhance the reputation of the titular character. It does so quite successfully but adds nothing more. You are there in the multiplex, you know whats going to happen, yet you still watch it because the first film was good (I call it the First Film syndrome). Now, coming to the actual review. I think the film lacked substance, originality as well as plot. The plot was relatively simple. Most of the film is full of slow-mo shots of Ajay Devgn walking from a car towards some one or delivering a highly intense dramatized dialog and very loud music playing in the background as the camera pans followed by intense mindless actions (but isn't it the point of Singham films). There was one point on which the film could have elaborated more which was the plight of the family of the deceased police officer. But it was relatively short and ended up without much consequence. Some humorous one-liners were tried during the film but they were too few and too far between. The film tries to portray the unity among Mumbai police but its very clichéd and highly improbable. The end result is that you are disconnected from the film. You can surf the net and read an entire chapter of the Mahabharata while Singham has walked from his car (or whatever it is) to the villain. But you are never bored. The film achieves what it wants. You have to decided whether you want the same thing. If yes and if mindless action films are your taste and you want only goodie-good things happening in your film whose start and end can be predicted with a 98% accuracy by a 3 year old, then this film is just for you. Enjoy.

  • typical rohit shetty entertainment movie... IGNORABLE


    If you are expecting something new in this second part of Singham, then you will be totally disappointed like me. There's nothing great about story and script, its average. Kareena Kapoor is okay to watch. Amol Gupte is good but not excellent.And Daya is doing only fighting. Dialogues are not good as they were in the first part. You can predict almost the movie, except the end, which is again tried to be similar as of first part of the movie. If you like seeing some bullshit fight scenes, almost duplicate macho dialogues as were in first part, if you like to see Kareena Kapoor's similar role as of golmaal 3, if you like to listen below mediocre music, want to see again Ajay Devgan killing bad people like one man army... then of course, this movie is totally for you!!

  • Very poor film


    This film contains nothing new,same old hit formula story which is copied from previous numerous films,if only for something new is more gun shot scene,more car being blown up which you will see in rohit 'shitty' films.If you are not bored by same old story and want some action,romance etc you can waste your time and money watching this film.I wasted my 300 rs watching this film which even don't deserve to be even 30 rs film due to my friend who forced me to watch this film on weekend.I think bollywood stories will not change even after 100 years from now because all bollywood looks for 200+ crore profit film with mindless people like us watching it and helping bollywood to make more money to watch more worst films like this.Why can't Indian story writers show some creativity?is the question still remains to be answered.

  • More of the same


    Crash. Boom. Bang. Dialogues. Angry but well intentioned cops, evil and slimy politicians. Earth shattering music. Irrelevant dance numbers. Slow motion walks. Physics defying stunts. Never ending guns. Speeding cars. Even flying cars. More crash boom bang. Recognize the flow? That is any modern mas-ala Hindi movie, specifically of the Rohit Shetty variety. Other than the settings and the heroine, there is virtually nothing different in Singham Returns over Singham. Ajay Devgn is back as super-cop Bajirao Singham, and he is going to clean up Mumbai of all evil by any means possible, whether that means going undercover, or showing up in underclothes, or by indulging in wanton lawlessness himself. Guruji (Anupam Kher) is a virtuous politician, his idealistic agenda takes the best of all current political parties- BJP's development agenda, AAP's corruption, and Congress's woman empowerment, and drives involvement of today's youth in politics. Opposing him is a political-religious nexus, fronted by Amol Gupte's Asaram Bapu styled sleazy god-man, Babaji and Zakir Hussain's Prakashrao. When one of Singham's compatriots is found dead with a large stash of cash, the standard hero versus villain storyline takes over. He also has to play lover-boy to Kareena Kapoor's near mental character Avni, deliver whistle inducing dialogs, position himself as the solution to all the problems that beset India, lead a ludicrous police uprising which involves the 47,000 strong Mumbai police force going shirtless, and deliver his own brand of justice, which includes shooting folks in their bums. Twice. Ajay and Rohit are a hit combination, whether the nonsensical Golmaal or the all too serious Singham series. This is an out and out Ajay Devgn show, and he is in roaring form, after the monstrosity that was Himmatwala. It helps that the script gives him a tailor made role to shine in all his brooding glory, and topics that the audience will relate to easily- black money and divisive politics. Ajay is permanently in Hulk mode, however, it is the vigilante like message that is worrisome. We see the police as the most effective arm of the system, but are they that honest and so utterly frustrated that they need to take the law in their own hands? But the movie does not disappoint on the action front. There is some great choreography and stunt-work, so long we have established that Devgn's guns never run out of bullets, and he can still manage 20 bad guys on his own. The comedic moments are genuinely bad, and gluttony being Avni's standout quality so we can understand how poorly written her character is, but Amol Gupte's Babaji is hilariously hammy, while for TV fans, there is CID's Daya in a meaty role. Singham Returns is yet another movie that espouses the thought that the only solution to crime is violence. Good idea? No. Entertaining? Maybe for some. Must watch? No.

  • The lions meows this time but Devgn does not disappoint


    Bajirao Singham (ajay) gets transferred to Mumbai and he discovers that one of his team members (ganesh) is found dead with large bags of money. Bajirao decides to unearth the truth behind it and in this process, he collides with a powerful Swami ji (amole gupte) who has high profile connections with politicians. Whether Bajirao is able to overcome this challenge and clean the system or not forms the rest. The director has come up with an action packed story, but the plot was wafer thin and while the presentation was okay, the narrative was quite absorbing in parts, but boring in other parts.The dialogues were filled with good punch. The script was below average but the screenplay made it a little better. The background score was filled with good energy but songs could have been avoided. Cinematography was good but could have better. Editing was needed in some boring clichéd portions. Costumes were well designed to suit the backdrop while the art department was mediocre. Ajay Devgn has carried out his role with elan and he has once again proved his mettle. Kareena Kapoor is bubbly and evokes laughter in film. Amole Gupte was fabulous, Anupam Kher was superb, Zakir Hussain was excellent, Dayanand Shetty was good, Sameer was standard, Vineet Sharma was neat. Others also contributed in a positive way and added value. Though the title sounds like a sequel, there is actually no connection with the original movie except that its hero and director have not changed. This film has a more realistic story but the plot is wafer thin and is dragged with many clichéd and ordinary scenes. The film showed promise in the beginning but dips a lot afterwards especially in the second half. The film entertains in parts mostly when Ajay Devgn is on screen performing his dramatic portions or his action sequences otherwise the film is ordinary and boring. Director Rohit Shetty fails to make SR better than the first, the spark is missing, the first was far more superior in drama and story. At the box office the film has started off historically but I believe all the hype will die done soon.Overall if you compare to the first you will be disappointed, otherwise its entertaining in parts. Watch if your a Ajay Devgn fan because he is roaring in the film with his performance. 2.5/5*

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