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Sorrow (2015)

Sorrow (2015)

Vannessa VasquezAndrew SensenigMelissa MarsEric Martinez
Millie Loredo


Sorrow (2015) is a English movie. Millie Loredo has directed this movie. Vannessa Vasquez,Andrew Sensenig,Melissa Mars,Eric Martinez are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Sorrow (2015) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A young woman is abducted by serial killers and subjected to brutal treatment. She escapes from her confinement and finds a way to return to exact vengeance. She then becomes a prime suspect in the investigation of the killing of her captors. After she is caught by the police, she accuses the Chief of Police of having been instrumental in hiding the serial killings which were committed by his son.


Sorrow (2015) Reviews

  • I want my money back!!


    I have to agree, this has been the worst movie I have ever watched, albeit only for 30 minutes. I also agree how long does the camera need to be on hair & tweezers? the camera appears to be pitched on someone's shoulders, bumping, jerking.....and the acting!!!! well that has to be the worst I have ever seen. The story jumps all over the place, from one scene to the next not making and sense. I watched this on the basis of the first review, and let me tell you it will be my last time I read a review without reading all the others as well. Then I cant/wont blame anyone else but myself. I must admit, I will give it another go tonight.......I'll start from the beginning.....but I doubt I will get through it. I give the movie a 1.......only because there was no zero.

  • Pass on this one


    I gave it a chance & watched it all. It's time wasted that I can't ever get back. The actress who played the victim needs some more acting classes. The male hoods, there's no help for them, really they need lots of help to make it past these low budget films. What was up with the sex paraphernalia at the beginning, it wasn't explained anywhere. The gun shots were worse sounding than a starter pistol. When the car hit the tree it was daylight then he next shot of it was when it was night. What happened to the escapees that was mentioned near the start? I could go on but this film wasted too much of my time so I won't waste yours.

  • Absolutely horrendous, don't waste your time


    I would have given this movie zero stars if possible, do not waste your time. I am a huge supporter of independent and low budget films but this was seriously bad even for the genre. The acting was extremely sad and most of the time over the top and just plain awful, the best acting was done by the strip club security guard who had no lines. I am not sure if this was meant to be a revenge film or just another bad people do bad things kind of film but either way the plot and storyline (or lack of both) made no sense whatsoever. I could go on and on about how bad this movie is and from reading other reviews the majority feel the same way, so unless you are trying to punish yourself avoid watching this film at all costs.

  • Hard to follow and ultimately disappointing suspense thriller...


    "Sorrow" is a thriller that's tough to follow, a little confusing, and ultimately disappointing. The film starts with a crime scene, where one man overdoses, another woman is shot in the head, another man is killed by police, and another woman (Mila) is shot in the shoulder and wounded. When the police go to question her, she had left the hospital. Then, in a series of flash-backs, flash-forwards, and (I think) flash-sideways, we find out that after a nasty breakup, Mila got kidnapped by a series of three nutjobs. They keep her trapped in a house while they bring women back to the house and kill them. We follow her attempts to escape her plight. Meanwhile, in the current timeline story, the police are trying to track Mila down to find out why she was in that house and what happened... I respect the effort here. The acting is pretty good. The cast is unusually integrated -- the bad guys are a Latino man, a white guy, and a Black woman. The creep's victims are two white women and two Black women. Some of the scenes are well done. But too many problems hurt it. Police work is tough to do in a low budget film given how well they are done in TV police procedurals. There are leaps in logic -- the film never fully explains how Mila know some important information and the police reference acts that we know nothing about. And finally, the film fails to resolve the basic mysteries and questions that it raised. I won't say to avoid it, but when all was said and done, I found it a bit disappointing.

  • Was this a Student Film? YouTube Movie? It's just awful!


    Blair Witch Project had a more steady camera than this garbage. Horrible writing, acting, lighting, cinematography, and directing. When a movie has the same writer and director, I'm always worried- having a different director allows for two visions to unite and for the second person to see any plot holes the writer may have missed. Clearly this plot holed waste of time was written, directed, and produced by the same person- because no one in their right mind would green light this "film"... It's almost worth watching just to see how horrible it is. A few notes for anyone trying to make a B-Rate horror flick... 1. Opening credits are not needed when everyone is a NO NAME- thanks for wasting more of my time to read names I don't know or care about. 2. Get to the point, don't drag dialogue that is meaningless 3. Character development is not needed, unless it's an Oscar worthy performance- do not "try" to character development more than 2 people, I'm watching b- rate horror for fun, scares, and gore - not some backstory that means nothing on 5+ characters. 4. Lighting, yes you can cheat camera angles and film in 2 different locations and have it appear to be the same location- BUT when one angle has a blue tint and the other has a red, it's beyond laughable... Or when it's extremely sunny on the white guys face but the black girl has zero visible facial features bc it's so dark in the same room as the white guy. It's just sad, I've seen high schoolers make better movies. Do not watch, unless you want NO GORE, BAD ACTING, PLOT HOLES, and GAPS in the FILM, COMPLETELY MISSING AND UNEXPLAINED... It's not even funny how bad this movie is.


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