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State Like Sleep (2018)

State Like Sleep (2018)

Katherine WaterstonMichael ShannonLuke EvansMichiel Huisman
Meredith Danluck


State Like Sleep (2018) is a English,French,Dutch movie. Meredith Danluck has directed this movie. Katherine Waterston,Michael Shannon,Luke Evans,Michiel Huisman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. State Like Sleep (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

One year after the untimely death of her husband, a young woman receives a phone call that pulls her back to Brussels and the life there that she's tried to forget. She is forced to finally confront her grief but is swept up in unraveling the mysteries surrounding her husband's last days alive.

State Like Sleep (2018) Reviews

  • more like "Put You to sleep"


    Unbearably slow and pointless, this was a boring mess with an unappealing lead actress and a waste of time for 3 talented actors, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, and Michael Huisman. 1 hour and 44 minutes of Katherine Waterston moping her way through a film about.................well, I don't know what it was about. Maybe it was about grief ? Being loved ? People who cheat on their spouses ? Domineering mothers ? It is hard to watch a film when the lead character is completely unlikable and seems brain-dead. One of those movies with lots of shots that linger on for an eternity and characters do and say things that seem completely unrealistic. There is suppose to be some air of mystery to it and believe me there really isn't, when it ended I just thought "That's it ?". Not even worth a look if you're a fan of any of the 3 actors. I kind of felt like i was being tortured and left the theater in a bad mood !

  • ya but no


    I see what they were trying to do... but they failed. Too slow, didn't believe the story, acting was only thing god about it. 3.8

  • More Like Sleep-Like State


    Because that's pretty much where it took me. Boring "plot", unlikable characters, lots of shadowy shots for no reason, and tons of pointless conversation. Unrealistic situation and dialogue. Doesn't help that I'm sick of seeing older male actors paired with young actresses for gratuitous sex scenes. Love me some Michael Shannon, but this movie stunk for many reasons.

  • Solid if unmemorable


    Katherine Waterston is as lovely as ever, Michael Shannon is very nice in a role that's considerably softer than his usual parts, and the direction is slick and competent. However the whole thing is mostly forgettable and the movie just sort of ends without a satisfying resolution.

  • utterly unfinished, actors walking though script, laughable narrrative


    Wow, this is a true clunker. One of the most pretentious films I have seen and I have seen my share. One has to wonder what is going on with Michael Shannon. Does he literally take any paycheck? Tribeca was a sad affair this year, a shadow of its former self, and this was the worst offering there.

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