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Tess (1979)

Tess (1979)

Nastassja KinskiPeter FirthLeigh LawsonJohn Collin
Roman Polanski


Tess (1979) is a English movie. Roman Polanski has directed this movie. Nastassja Kinski,Peter Firth,Leigh Lawson,John Collin are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1979. Tess (1979) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Wessex County, England during the Victorian era. Christian values dominate what are social mores. These mores and her interactions with two men play a large part in what happens in the young life of peasant girl, the shy, innocent, proper yet proud Tess Durbeyfield. The first of these men is Alec d'Urberville. After learning from a local historian that they are really descendants of the aristocratic d'Urberville family which has died out due to lack of male heirs, Tess' parents send her to a nearby mansion where they know some d'Urbervilles actually reside. This move is in order for the family to gain some benefit from their heritage. Upon her arrival at the mansion, Tess quickly learns that the family of Tess' "cousin" Alec are not true d'Urbervilles, but rather an opportunistic lot who bought the family name in order to improve their own standing in life. Tess is pulled between what she was sent to accomplish for her family against her general disdain for Alec, who will give her ...


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