The Black Rider: Revelation Road (2014)

The Black Rider: Revelation Road (2014)

David A.R. WhiteJames DentonHilty BowenMichael Bailey Smith
Gabriel Sabloff


The Black Rider: Revelation Road (2014) is a English movie. Gabriel Sabloff has directed this movie. David A.R. White,James Denton,Hilty Bowen,Michael Bailey Smith are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. The Black Rider: Revelation Road (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Fantasy,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The rapture has come and gone! In this third installment of the Revelation Road saga, the beleaguered mayor sends Josh McManus on a vital mission to find the mysterious and elusive "Shepherd." With the aid of another survivor, can Josh find the man - and determine if he's a prophet or a pariah?

The Black Rider: Revelation Road (2014) Reviews

  • Utterly Pointless


    If I were to make a list of movies that are a complete waste of time, Revelation Road 3: The Black Rider would definitely be in the top ten. NOTHING happened in that stupid movie, and then they had the gall to tease ANOTHER sequel. Here's a rundown of this movie: Josh goes to a place, fights some people, gets captured, then leaves. Josh goes to a different place, fights some people, gets captured, then leaves. Josh goes somewhere else, fights some people, gets captured, then leaves. Josh finds the macguffin he was looking for, gets shot, and dies. Josh is resurrected by the obligatory Jesus From The Encounter cameo. Josh goes to a place, fights some people, then gives a guy a ride. And it had to be Josh who gave him a ride because prophesy, despite the fact that they guy ALREADY HAD A VEHICLE before all this happened. Chaste kiss on the cheek from bland female love interest/person who has to convert. Sequel Bait. The end. You're supposed to be better than this, Pure Flix. Maybe next time spend a little less money on fight choreography and a little more on developing a script where something actually happens.

  • It's not abysmal, but a lot of work is needed


    The acting sometimes feels rigid, and some of the extent of situations seems unrealistic without additional context. Between the 3 (current) films, there's also a lot of filler with little plot progression. That trend continues in The Black Rider. In order to keep up with the fight scenes of the first two movies, a lot of needless filler was added, pushing most of the real plot to the second half of the film. The fight scenes also weren't very well-paced and were like long breaks from the plot instead. They could learn a thing or two from Marvel on how to keep things flowing without the awkwardness. The religious message is prevalent, though at times used with questionable accuracy. As with the first two movies, the Christian message is awkwardly juxtaposed with a protagonist with a penchant for killing. Though I have to give props for at least addressing the issue, it seems to be completely forgotten for the rest of the film. The main turning point, both as the MacGuffin and in the tone, is the Shepherd. This is the only main character who doesn't seem to be awkwardly juxtaposed with the message of the movie - though he's also far from an action star. I love ruminating on the book this movie is (loosely) based on as well as movies that attempt to interpret / depict the events. Though not quite cringe-worthy, the movie just doesn't have much going for it due to feeling like a single, stretched-out episode. When the series is complete, an abridged version might be better worth watching.

  • horrible


    Its really bad,the acting is bad the budget is bad,there is no plot except Christian hidden agenda feeding you reason to become Christian. the locations are seemingly just random normal places,there is no mood no way to tell this is the "apocalypse" its basically regular people walking around in their everyday clothing with some ski goggles or a scarf. the plot is so bad you don't even care,the characters are less developed then regular commercial. its pretty obvious some church or movement funded this b movie so they don't even care about acting plots or anything. you start to fiddle with other stuff while watching because your brain is simply refusing to take it in. b movies can be bad in a good way but this just bad bad.

  • A fun ride


    If you enjoyed the first two Revelation Road films, the third is worth a watch. It's not a perfect movie, but it is a fun ride that explores the aftermath of the Day. It's B movie fun with solid writing and solid performances all around especially from James Denton. The only weaknesses are some of the vfx in one scene early on, but it really does get better the deeper in you get. Bradley Dorsey's performance as a redneck opportunist selling human meat as real meat is my favorite of his yet! But don't worry it's not graphic. It's safe for younger viewers 10+. The action is on par with the first two. Some great brawls keep the pace brisk. It reminds me of the first Mad Max in many scenes. Overall, if you enjoyed the first two or enjoy post-apocalyptic films this is worth the couple hours.

  • American muscle car on a mission


    I'm not much into action movies, but I really enjoyed this one. It explores possible scenarios in America during the time of Revelation. A loner with a cool car who tries to help people, beats up bad guys, and in the course of events, ends up traveling with a beautiful woman who is trying to find her mother. What's not to like? It definitely has the Mad Max feel to it, but Biblical truths are weaved into the story. Josh McManus is a man on a mission, and has a Plymouth Roadrunner to get him there. As he and Sofia search for her mother, they are miraculously led to the mysterious "Shepherd", but will all their questions be answered? I never saw the first two movies in this series, so now I have to go buy those, too.


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