The Clockwork Girl (2021)

The Clockwork Girl (2021)

Adrian HoughJeffrey TamborBrad GarrettCarrie-Anne Moss
Kevin Konrad Hanna


The Clockwork Girl (2021) is a English movie. Kevin Konrad Hanna has directed this movie. Adrian Hough,Jeffrey Tambor,Brad Garrett,Carrie-Anne Moss are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2021. The Clockwork Girl (2021) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

A nameless robot girl has recently been given the gift of life from her creator, while exploring the wonders of an ordinary world she meets an amazing mutant boy and they share a friendship that must overcome their warring families.

The Clockwork Girl (2021) Reviews

  • Great coming of age story.


    This is a great movie about two characters finding themselves and their way in a torn world. The 2 main characters are from different fractions that don't get along: one side is the organic, natural character while the other side embraced technology. Kevin Hanna created a magical world full of creatures, magic, and neat technology that is well represented in the movie. The voice acting fits with each character but some of the music choices could have been better (something that could have been out of his control). If you enjoyed the Clockwork Girl comic series, you will enjoy this movie. It's a movie the whole family can watch and learn from.

  • Best Steampunk movie ever


    Where did this movie come from? I hadn't heard of it until I caught it on cable. With it's cheap looking lighting and awful pop songs, it's obviously an independent with a tiny budget. I was initially turned off, but once it gets rolling, with it's great animation/performance and an amazingly strange steam-punk world, I was sucked in. It reminds me of fantasy the films of Jim Henson (like Dark Crystal), Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland) or Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away). It's a movie with a lot of heart, a lot of life, and one I can watch over and over. I'm looking forward to seeing what this studio and filmmaker do next.

  • I look forward to seeing this great movie again


    Rarely does a movie bring tears to my eye, but this one made the room a bit dusty. Maybe because I am going through a difficult period of my won, but The Clockwork Girl was one of greatest animated films. It is funny, bright, cute and sad. The animation is more than great. The characters are well drawn and thought out, especially the villain-lady and the evil robots. Animated movies are only as good as their villains and heroines; this movie does a great job at both. This movie is entertaining for adults, for kids. Although I was bored during some of the opening scenes, I was amazed by almost every other scene in this film. It reminds me of Tangled, or even The Princess Bride. Romantic love stories, with struggle, and humor! To put it in a few words, The Clockwork Girl had everything, and much more. The only way to experience this spectacular viewing is to see it for yourself! It spoke volumes to me, and on so many different levels. I look forward to seeing this great movie again, hopefully on DVD, where I can watch it over and over! Everyone should treat themselves to The Clockwork Girl.


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