The Drowning (2016)

The Drowning (2016)

Julia StilesAvan JogiaJohn C. McGinleyTracie Thoms
Bette Gordon


The Drowning (2016) is a English movie. Bette Gordon has directed this movie. Julia Stiles,Avan Jogia,John C. McGinley,Tracie Thoms are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The Drowning (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When child psychologist Tom Seymour plunges into a river to save a young man from suicide, his own repressed memories flood back. For Tom begins to realize that the young boy's challenging journey was careening out of control straight towards his past!

The Drowning (2016) Reviews

  • What just happened?


    Either this movie sucks, or I didn't understand one bit of it. I kept waiting for something to happen... Some event that would clear things up... but it never came. The characters weren't particularly likable and their true motivations were never revealed. somehow i'm still thinking I might have missed something. they couldn't just have pasted together a story with random people doing insignificant things, right? wrong?

  • Pointless and makes no sense


    Why on earth would the main character keep the real identity of the kid from his wife when he keeps saying he isn't his therapist? Why on earth did the Parole Officer think the kid was so special? Why on earth would he sleep with a random college student? Why on earth did they mention the teacher possibly molesting him but then nothing ever came from it? Nothing was ever delved into or explained. The therapist knew what Danny did (he admitted it to him), knew he was stalking him and his wife, yet still didn't call the police and kept trying to "help" him. And the ending...what the heck was that??

  • If I could beat a movie to death with a shovel this would be one


    You have seen this cookie cutter paint by numbers 'mystery/thriller'a million times. Manipulative genius sociopath who has everyone conned, who gaslights everyone because they are too stupid to know any better. A creepy stalker who breaks into people's homes threatens them and gets them to apologize to him and/or gets the people he threatens arrested. This is a tired worn out boring story. It was tired and worn out 50 years ago. Every single stereotypic angle from every single movie remotely like this was thrown in. It is the stupidest most frustrating rich white people doing the dumbest things imaginable movie you will ever watch. It's so aggressively dull it's a new art form.

  • Don't get your hopes up


    It's not a good movie. The dialog makes very little sense. Same for plenty of scenes. The doctor's encounter with Rowena added nothing to story whatsoever. You think when he runs into her again several months later something relevant will happen. Nope. There's a scene where Ian,the "bad" guy is in the doctor's home with his wife. Doc frantically drives home,all the while on the phone telling his wife bad guy needs to get out NOW!.Guess what happened. Nothing. Doc got home,told Ian to leave, so he left. The ending was stupid,too.

  • Pointless movie


    This movie is all about wannabe and turns out not to be about much of anything. I'm a big fan of both Josh Charles and Julia Stiles, and can't believe what ended up on film is what they signed up,for. Stiles is completely wasted in this part. The plot is as nonsensical as the ending. Do not waste your time.

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