The Great Illusionist (2020)

The Great Illusionist (2020)

Meng LiYanfei PanXiao-Hao QianFei Xiang


The Great Illusionist (2020) is a Mandarin movie. Fugui has directed this movie. Meng Li,Yanfei Pan,Xiao-Hao Qian,Fei Xiang are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2020. The Great Illusionist (2020) is considered one of the best Adventure,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

Traditional Chinese magic is also called illusion techniques. During the Republic of China period, serial murders took place in Beihai City. Luo Bin, an illusionist, assisted Long Cong, a policeman, in investigating the cases. These two people found that most of the dead were illusionists who had lived incognito and Michiko killed them using the dark illusion techniques which had been lost for a long time. Michiko seduced Luo Bin and Long Cong into hurting each other in the illusion. At the critical moment, Luo Bin, who was seriously injured, used a trick to repel Michiko. To prevent Michiko from coming back to attack again, Long Cong hid Luo Bin in the police station for recuperation. Michiko made a sneak attack in a rainy night and used illusion techniques to conjure Icy White Tiger. While Luo Bin used energy throughout his life to conjure Fiery Dragon to deal with her in the life-and-death struggle.


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