The Killing Pact (2017)

The Killing Pact (2017)

Emily RoseBrian KrauseMelanie StoneBrandon Ray Olive
John Lyde


The Killing Pact (2017) is a English movie. John Lyde has directed this movie. Emily Rose,Brian Krause,Melanie Stone,Brandon Ray Olive are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Killing Pact (2017) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Hayley Udall tries to make ends meet for herself and her 14 year-old daughter while providing alimony for a horrible ex-husband. She wishes her problems with her ex could go away, and upon venting her frustrations one night, finds herself tangled up in a pact with two people (Melanie and Kevin) to "eliminate" each other's problems. It seemed innocent wishful thinking before, but as people end up dead - including Hayley's ex-husband - Hayley is trapped into fulfilling the pact or risk taking the fall for murder. She tries to clear her name but the police (led by Detective Marks) are eyeing her for her ex-husband's death as well as others. Then Melanie abducts Hayley's daughter as leverage - in order to force Hayley to follow through and kill one last person. With Detective Marks trying to find the truth, Hayley must hurry to save her daughter and find a way to avoid committing murder.


The Killing Pact (2017) Reviews

  • Absolutely ridiculous


    If there is a minus vote this one would get it. Our stupid leading lady in her attempt to solve things thinks only of herself. From the beginning I did not like her. The actress goes through the entire film with this blank look on her face. The evil one also was just as bad. It was like as an actress she was saying "Look how evil I can get". I had no sympathy for anyone, even the daughter who goes around crying and looking like a lost child. I did like the detective He at least had a clue that there was something going on in this death pact. In the final scene I was laughing at all the histrionics they were doing. What made me mad was after the detective was shot our leading lady left him lying there looking for her daughter. Even when all is resolved and there are two wounded people, this idiot leading lady thought only of her daughter who was fine. While two others lay wounded. She didn't even look up at them or go to them for help. What a selfish you-know-what. No sympathy for her as she showed no compassion for anyone.

  • Preposterous and lamely acted


    This is a lazily made movie. The acting is deadpan most of the time then overacted. The plot is ludicrous. Casual acquaintances jokingly agree to help each other eliminate the problems in their lives. It could have been done better. 2 of the 3 are reluctant with one psycho mastermind who might as well have done her own problem herself. Don't bother.

  • Disappointing, and I am being generous.


    In viewing this film, I expected an updated interpretation of "Strangers on a Train", but I was WAY off. This film appears to have been made by film school students that, unfortunately, we not doing well in the course. The dialog could have been written by a child. The lack of character development supports that theory, and the plot was predictable (yawn). The delivery was amateurish, forced and, in some cases, over the top. The acting teacher had should have been (and no doubt was) ashamed although the 'director' has to share some of the blame for this disaster. Now let me comment on the cinematography: IF it was done on a cell phone (and I suspect it was) then it was not bad, however, if it were done proper movie equipment… wow…. That brings us to the music. The background music was not bad. That is the FIRST time. Now I know that if something works you stick with it, but the composer should have been told that there are more than 8 bars to a piece of music, and repeating them over and over and over and over…well, just gets boring. The weak dialog, cardboard characters, high school drama club acting, poor technical execution and boring score lead me to ask only one question: WHY?

  • Pretty Bad Redo of "Strangers on a Train"


    Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Strangers on a Train" took a clever premise and ran with it. A man meets a stranger on the train, who propositions him with the perfect crime. In a fanciful conversation, the stranger brags that he could kill the nemesis of his new acquaintance, and, if the man returns the favor by killing the foe of the stranger, then they will have pulled off the perfect crime, as both will have alibis. In "The Killing Pact," the perfect crime turns into the perfect storm for the protagonist Hayley, who wishes that her lout of an ex-husband were dead. Her partners, new acquaintances she met during a rideshare, bump off the husband and then demand that she carry out her part of the bargain and murder the nasty old aunt of Melanie. And, it turns out that Melanie is not only the mastermind of the killing pact, but is a psycho! Whereas Hitchcock created genuine suspense, the filmmakers of "The Killing Pact" turn the caper into a virtual comedy. Hayley seemed overly passive in acquiescing to the Melanie's plan. Of course, the police are slow in catching on to the killing pact, despite abundant evidence against Melanie. It was not clear if there was a subtle attempt at humor or parody in this film, but the result was indeed a laugher. "The Killing Pact" failed to deliver the essential ingredients of a thriller: complex characters, intriguing plot twists, and, above all, suspense.


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