The Middle Distance (2015)

The Middle Distance (2015)

Ross PartridgeJoslyn JensenKentucker AudleyJennifer Lafleur
Patrick Underwood


The Middle Distance (2015) is a English movie. Patrick Underwood has directed this movie. Ross Partridge,Joslyn Jensen,Kentucker Audley,Jennifer Lafleur are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. The Middle Distance (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Following his father's death, Neil--a wounded man who armors himself with an all-too-effective combination of work, whiskey, and women--journeys back to the Midwest for the first time in years to help sell the family home. When his younger brother, James, is unexpectedly called back to Chicago, Neil finds himself marooned in the house with Rebecca, James' fiancee, a wickedly smart, fiercely independent woman whose impressive facade matches Neil's in its power to mask the damaged, desperate spirit hiding beneath. Set against the bleak backdrop of wintry rural Michigan, The Middle Distance takes an honest, unsentimental look at adulthood, the meaning of family, the ache of nostalgia, and the peril and promise of two lost souls finding each other in the darkness.


The Middle Distance (2015) Reviews

  • A beautiful representation of independent cinema.


    The Middle Distance is a story set in a mildly-reclusive and extremely cold Michigan town where two brothers - Neil and James - must clean out their late father's home before its shown to potential buyers. James brings his wife, Rebecca, who eventually must stay with Neil and fix everything up while James goes on a short-lived music tour. First, I'm going to talk about the brilliant use of location. This movie was so submerged in snow that it felt cold and almost even withdrawn from society. At some points, it looks black and white, and that's something I really like. The film's entire atmosphere is admirable. Secondly, there's a certain comfort between the two characters that's clouded by a hovering sense of Neil's self-absorbed personality. It's one of the more dynamic and genuine character interactions I've seen to date. I think at some points the acting is questionable, but it isn't enough to deserve a docked star. It's quite understandable why people may not like this film, but if you want to watch a well made film with a good story and good acting that's incredibly unique, here's your movie. I am looking forward to Underwood's next work.

  • Pretty Phenomenal Indie Work


    Most of the time, when I watch a "festival film" there's always something that gives it away. This one, however, has no tell-tales. Acting is good. Style is absolutely mind-blowing. Character progression is heartwarming. A great watch!

  • a perfect lenght of film


    This was like swimming in smooth water, a lovely near romantic story about a man that goes through some final closures of life. its a close to love- story at a place , were it snows so much,you cant wait for a touch of sun and sand. what only misses is the bling moment of love that were there,but the humble male and the humble female doesnt come further than scratching the oh my, dear director who has written this story also, make a sequel to this with the same actors,preferably finding love, that would have been a cinderella story,if you ask me. that was a lot of bragging over the film, but it is good, i love to watch american films with real and propper snow, great scenerys, a easy story without exhageration, the filmography and editing are spot on, and the good direction is shown through free and relaxed acting. the music are not fitting my tastebuds, but i shall admit that well in to the story,i relaxed and really enjoyed the float that the score gave to the film. as an old grumpy man i am very squemish on the drama genre, but this was great and therefore recommended.

  • An Excercise in Sweet Darkness


    People tinged with darkness understand each other. Perhaps this is why the two leads are drawn into a bonding experience trying to fix the man's late father's summer home on Lake Michigan. My taste in movies is eclectic and I've seen many movies where the dynamic between the man and woman is one of faked attraction and feelings. These two had chemistry, despite her being outwardly jolly with inner darkness and him being dark through and through. I see myself in him -- I was born on Lake Michigan and once made the same choice as he did with the girl. I see myself a little in her as well -- we all try to hide a little bit. Both their performances were on the money. So much so, I could swear I'd seen them both in something before, even though I didn't. I liked this movie very much and would recommend it to anyone who would like a nice sweet story of attraction and friendship between two people who have scars that won't heal.


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