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The Mistletoe Promise (2016)

The Mistletoe Promise (2016)

Jaime KingLuke MacfarlaneChristie LaingLochlyn Munro
David Winning


The Mistletoe Promise (2016) is a English movie. David Winning has directed this movie. Jaime King,Luke Macfarlane,Christie Laing,Lochlyn Munro are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The Mistletoe Promise (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Based on the bestselling book by Richard Paul Evans. Two strangers who don't enjoy Christmas meet at work and to avoid being lonely during the holidays make a pact to deal with holiday events together. But as they get to know each other they are able to begin enjoying Christmas. They soon realize that their contract may lead them down a road that neither expected resulting in questionable feelings.


The Mistletoe Promise (2016) Reviews

  • Mistletoe Promise is a promise


    This was one of the better Hallmark Christmas movies I've seen. Normally, I don't care for them, but this one really stuck with me. I highly enjoyed it & well casted. I hope you give it a chance! Wait, it's a book too? :o

  • When is a promise different from a commitment?


    Enjoyable and its always fun to see mutual interests grow to friendship, especially at Christmas.. the most stressful season! The film takes us on an original premise, a promise, to watch strangers reveal how they came to be where they are today... and how they can help each other resolve issues, and take pleasure in seeing it unfold. Isn't that the Christmas spirit? Oh, there are definite production problems along the way... the extras working in the film are so bad, its distracting beyond belief -- particularly in the food court, and the snow man building contest. The fake snow is also very annoying. But the main characters do keep your attention. Sarah Smyth, as Ashley, was particularly believable. You want to believe that it's a wonderful life... including for a lawyer and a travel shop operator. Miracles... and good people... can live Christmas every day of the year. Now, it's time to read the book.

  • Cute


    It was a cute movie. Not a huge fan of Jamie King but it was still cute. Wishing the ending showed Nick helping her with the contract between her and her ex.

  • Great Eye Candy


    Sexy looking guy as a main character, with pleasant looking female lead as well as their two good looking female assistants. Light, fluffy movie was fun to watch for the first time & again for a second time.

  • Its is a Hallmark movie - you get 100% what you expect - Teeny -tiny - spoiler alert!


    Hallmark films these types of movies - year in and year out - and promises that you will get what you expect. Cute actors, predictable plots, no great special effects (SPOILER ALERT- filmed in British Columbia -Vancouver specifically- a city that doesn't get snow) - so the special effects here is fake snow everywhere. If you want drama - go elsewhere-if you want a watchable hour and a half - well, that is what Hallmark offers. And delivers! I look forward to each year's Christmas fare,and really have never been disappointed, this is my official precursor to the Christmas season. I think that Hallmark has a formula - that works- taking actors - that are usually the number three or four spot (the odd time number two) - on a list of performers in any given TV show,sometimes movies - and giving them a main - co-number one position in their movies. I always just seem to remember the actors and ALWAYS come here to IMDb and look up where I have seen them before. To me - all part of the Hallmark experience.


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