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The Redeeming (2018)

The Redeeming (2018)

Robert BlackwoodRobert CorenRyan WichertTracey Ann Wood
Brian Barnes


The Redeeming (2018) is a English movie. Brian Barnes has directed this movie. Robert Blackwood,Robert Coren,Ryan Wichert,Tracey Ann Wood are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Redeeming (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A disturbed single mother confronts a mysterious stranger and the echoes of her past to protect her home.

The Redeeming (2018) Reviews

  • Rave reviews all from new accounts with one review


    Seriously, every single positive review is from a new account with only one posted review, which all are somewhat similar and posted with days of each other. I tried to watch the film but it's so amateurish, it became unbearable. IMDB really needs to figure out how to manage what are obviously shill reviews from people involved with a production. Suggestion to those who post shill or fake reviews: cover your tracks by reviewing more than just your film and attempt some diversity with account names.

  • Awful


    I must have watched a completely different film to everyone else who has left a review as i thought this film was absolutely awful The acting was diabolical and the story line was so long and slow I kept thinking to myself "surely it's going to get better by all the 5 star reviews"..NOPE. Please take my advise, avoid this waste of space at all costs.

  • a great starting point


    You can see the filmmakers/actors/cast/crew worked hard to make the best movie they could. B+ for effort and good luck on your next film. And to those that felt the need to tear down the creative works of others - let's hope the audience of your creative masterpieces are much nicer to you than you were to these folks.

  • Terrible trash with fake reviews


    There is a big difference between low budget films made by people with talent and this kind of low budget film made by people who think they have talent. It is terrible from start to finish. The acting is awful, the production is technically awful, and the story is benal and lacking any kind of tense strategy or flow that makes the viewer fel part of it. On top of this, instead of accepting they have produced a pile of trash, whoever is responsible for this film have either written fake reviews or had other people write fake reviews for them. There is NOTHING worth wasting your time on watching this rubbish. If I were able to rate it truly then it would be around a MINUS 3 star.

  • Not worth losing an eye over.


    A woman lives in an isolated home. On a windy night she is visited by a young man with a broken right arm. She helps him, but we can see she is disturbed about something. We suspect a relationship. At about 40 minutes into the film we have a good idea about what is happening and it continues until 4 minutes from the end when we get a twist. The film draws you in as you are curious where it all leads, but it is not a film I could sit through twice. Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.


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