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Three the Hard Way (1974)

Three the Hard Way (1974)

Jim BrownFred WilliamsonJim KellySheila Frazier
Gordon Parks Jr.


Three the Hard Way (1974) is a English movie. Gordon Parks Jr. has directed this movie. Jim Brown,Fred Williamson,Jim Kelly,Sheila Frazier are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1974. Three the Hard Way (1974) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The story involves a white supremist plot to taint the United States water supply with a toxin that is harmless to whites but lethal to blacks. The only obstacles that stand in the way of this dastardly plan are Jim Brown, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly, who shoot, kick and karate chop their way to final victory.

Three the Hard Way (1974) Reviews

  • Tighten Up the Edit or Fatten Up the Plot


    "Three the Hard Way" earned its reputation on the presence of (and chemistry between) its three roundly diverse Black action stars - Fred Williamson, Jim Brown and Jim Kelly. They were perfectly cast for a film with an engaging premise about "The Man" poisoning the water supply in three major urban/inner cities. It featured some sweet eye-candy along the way (including the always divine Sheila Frazier as imperiled "Wendy" - fresh off of "Superfly" - a more devilish interracial trio of masochistic beauties, and Fred in the bed with yet another babe), an underrated soundtrack by a quartet edition of The Impressions (post-Curtis Mayfield but featured on-screen in a recording session as record producer Brown's rising stars) and all the tricked-out blaxploitation trimmings. The problem is that because the script was anemic of healthy plot twists, padding is embarrassingly in full effect...including an overly long speedboat sequence that plays like a vanity piece for Williamson to pose and look pretty (with a second classy lady by his side less than 5 minutes after leaving the first one - "playa-playa," we get the point), and an equally long stretch of the aforementioned leather-clad "hench-bitches" rumbling into town on their choppers. That's too much celluloid cellulite wasted on characters styling and profiling, and not enough story intricacies to keep the tension tightly mounted. When things do heat up, it's great to see the three stars interact. Ironically, MVP honors go not to former football giants Brown or Williamson but to Jim Kelly, whoopin' on a crooked cracker cop that makes the mistake of planting some illicit substances in his gold-plated ride. "Wanna set me up," Kelly asks with most righteous indignation, then proceeds to kick the pig's ass all over both sides of a Windy City side street! Director Gordon Parks, Jr. should have also let the soul brothers have more hang time without making them jump straight into their mission to save all brotherhood - maybe even a flashback to when they were youngbloods, foreshadowing their personalities as grown men. While the stars' talents weren't totally wasted, "Three the Hard Way" should have been much more epic. Someday an ambitious director and a cast of wanna-be's (likely a rapper or two) will try to remake this flick. Their biggest challenge - beyond fleshing out the story - will be finding three stars as compelling as Brown, Williamson and Kelly. Let's raise a snifter of Harvey's Bristol Creme that somebody at least has the fortitude to release the original on DVD, unedited, with commentary and maybe a featurette including the participation of all three baad-asss action heroes.

  • One of the best 'blaxplotation' movies of the'70s


    Three the hard way is one of, if not the best blaxplotation movies to come out of the '70s. Directed by Gordon Parks Jr. (Superfly), it is about three black friends aimed at stopping a white supremisist plot of commiting genocide on the black race by poisoning the water supply. The trio consists of Fred Williamson, Jim 'The Dragon' Kelly and Jim Brown on a non-stop thrill ride, a truly fun movie.

  • One of the best action-packed blaxploitation flicks of the 1970's


    "Three The Hard Way" starring Jim Brown, Jim Kelly from "Enter The Dragon", and Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, is an excellent action flick about three black action heroes who go up against a racist (fascist)organization, who are out to kill the black population. Gordon Parks Jr., who is the son of "Shaft" director Gordon Parks Sr., does an excellent job in directing the memorable action sequences throughout the film, and should be remembered as one of the few African-American directors who has made history in directing action films. In addition, Jim Kelly, Jim "Slaughter" Brown, and Fred Williamson do an extraordinary job displaying their action hero skills, and should always be remembered as the action heroes who came before Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, when I had seen this movie on video, the lighting in some of the action scenes were very hard to see making it very difficult to enjoy throughout the film. Nevertheless, this movie will always be, in my opinion, one of the best blaxploitation films alongside "Shaft", "Superfly", and "Cleopatra Jones".

  • 166? people killed in one movie!


    Rented this movie because of the three blaxploitation stars in one flick. As a fan of the genre, I can say this movie was one of the best low-ends of the genre...i.e. its no Superfly or Shaft, but it doesn't try to be....just pure, clean, racist-killing fun. We tried to keep track of how many people were killed in this movie...but at one point we just decided to count the neo-nazis that came on the screen, since we know they would get killed anyways. Our total...166 (this is a rough count). Love the Jim Kelly vs. the cops and Jim Brown's inexhaustible ammunition scenes...spoofed very well in "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka". Favorite scene hands down...color coded, motorcycle driving, multi-racial dominatrixes. Very fun flick.

  • three major cities, three super heroes


    Three the Hard Way stars football greats Jim Brown and fred Williamson, and former karate middleweight champion Jim Kelly. Together, they are reunited when one of their buddies is snuffed out trying to expose a neo-nazi operations camp. Each hero comes from a different city and each has a unique combat style. When a neo-nazi leader(Jay"Dr. Shrinker" Robinson) plots to contaminate the waters of three big cities to the extent that only black-americans will be affected, the trio springs into action using street fighting, exploding gun fights,and high kickin' martial arts to thwart the evil villain.


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