Trolled (2018)

Trolled (2018)

Kj SchrockTina ShusterSarah Taylor
Alex Sebastian


Trolled (2018) is a English movie. Alex Sebastian has directed this movie. Kj Schrock,Tina Shuster,Sarah Taylor are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Trolled (2018) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

Young Princess Cupcake yearns for adventure, but her father, King Basil, wants her to put her duties to her kingdom first. When the evil troll, Grunt, and powerful dragon, Scorch, team-up to topple the king with an evil spell, all hope appears lost - that is, until a little troll named Leaf, along with his best friend Bellyrumble, sets out on a perilous trek to save the imprisoned king, restore the fallen kingdom, and gain the love of the lonely princess.


Trolled (2018) Reviews

  • Awful, Awful, Awful!


    Has to be the worst animated film for many a year. A plot so flimsy the least breath of wind would blow it away, a 'fire breathing dragon' that is never seen to breath fire, animation that's so bad it gives the world of animation a bad name and voice 'characters' that are so awful most sound like the 'actors' are trying to replicate characters with speech impediments. Avoid this like the plague, sometimes some movies can be so bad they turn out to be quite good (usually on a comedic scale) but honestly this really is so bad it's bad.

  • I laughed my a** off


    Wow, I haven't laughed for such a long time. It was so ridiculous I couldn't stop laughing, just went through the first 5 minutes though.

  • No better than the trailer.


    Looks like it was made with the microsoft paint version of a video creator.

  • disappointed a 3 year old!


    With that title, any kid is going to expect something along the lines of Trolls. You know... great animation and music with an exciting storyline. Trolls was awesome and all the kids love it. I guess the makes of this knew that. Trolled. Well, I think we've all been trolled with this garbage. Most kids could do better themselves. Most TV adverts are better animated. The lip syncing... they didn't even try! How did this ever get into production? Who thought it was a good idea to put money into this? My 3 year old was gutted watching this. She chose to watch an old Disney movie from the 50s instead. Its quality was better!

  • Worst animation ever!


    I think they picked the name troll to fool people. If you want to torture yourself, watch this movie.

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