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U-Turn (2018)

Samantha AkkineniAadhiBhoomika ChawlaRahul Ravindran
Pawan Kumar


U-Turn (2018) is a Telugu,Tamil movie. Pawan Kumar has directed this movie. Samantha Akkineni,Aadhi,Bhoomika Chawla,Rahul Ravindran are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. U-Turn (2018) is considered one of the best Crime,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When a flyover in the city becomes the hotbed of accidents, a young reporter decides to investigate the issue. Her quest for an answer would lead her into a web of intrigue, murder and mystery.

U-Turn (2018) Reviews

  • Racy!


    The movie starts off slow and accelerates in a great speed and let's us walk out for interval with so many confusions in mind. The second half unveils the suspense in an interesting manner. The movie is full of twists and turns even till the climax, you may guess a very few if you are a frequent thriller watcher. Actors have done their role perfectly, we could feel Aadhi as a familiar character because his character in this movie reminds of his character on Eeram. Samantha Akkineni has done a wonderful job with the character, and has showed so much emotions. Her makeover elevates her character. Cinematography is great through out the movie. No songs in the movie is a great plus because it would have been a speed breaker in the racy ride. Over all this movie is worth watching. Enjoy the magic in theatres.

  • A movie which had great potential ruined itself by taking a drastic U-Turn


    Story and Screenplay: It set up the movie well and had great potential. but all of that wasted and the movie ruined itself during the second half. The entire screenplay is to convey a message in a powerful and self introspective way. But the way it messed with a genre after setting up to be a different genre ruined the entire movie. Acting: The acting was below par in some areas due to the fact as it seemed they tried to fake the realism and it turned out to faker than fake Background:Score: The music was not even noticeable as it had nothing new or unique. it didn't even sync with some scenes. Conclusion: A movie which changed its direction mid way after it displayed lot of potential. during the first half.

  • unexpectedly good


    Woahh. that was one heck of a movie. Was not expecting that at all. The filmmakers should seriously pat themselves on the back for a job well-done. and it contains such a good message. The message of "what goes around comes back" is highlighted very well, some were calling it cheesy, but it was not portrayed cheesily at all. Kudos to that. I screamed really loudly at one point. Its embarrassing, but true. And the climax build-up is so well done. Samantha garu has done her job amazingly well. everyone else has also done their job well. please follow rules. One must always be aware of how their actions or the lack of it might affect other people. And for underlining that message, a huge thank you to the director, pawan kumar garu who also wrote it. You sir, are one excellent specimen of filmmaking. More power to you.

  • Started off really well, but...


    The story started off really well. I loved the first half as it was both engaging and thrilling. But somewhere around the middle it took a u-turn and turned into a ghost story, which in my opinion made the last part of the movie much worse than it could have been. I still think it's worth a watch, both for the first half and for the great acting by all of the main actors. Another plus point is the lack of songs and separate comedy track. This helped keeping the pace of the movie, as even the second half was quite tight packed and fast paced. Overall raing: 6,5/10

  • What a movie!!


    Hell of a perfect thriller...sam nailed it again!!

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