Wasurenai to chikatta boku ga ita (2015)

Wasurenai to chikatta boku ga ita (2015)

Nijirô MurakamiAkari HayamiChiharuMickey Curtis
Kei Horie


Wasurenai to chikatta boku ga ita (2015) is a Japanese movie. Kei Horie has directed this movie. Nijirô Murakami,Akari Hayami,Chiharu,Mickey Curtis are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Wasurenai to chikatta boku ga ita (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

This film tells the story of a high school student named Takashi (Murakami Nijiro) who falls in love at first sight with a girl along Azusa (Akari Hayami), and then they started dating. One day, Azusa made a strange confession by telling Takashi that everyone including his family will forget about him a few hours after the meeting. At first Takashi do not believe what is said Azusa, but as time went on, Takashi began to realize that she began to forget the details of the time they spent together. Knowing this, he then makes a note documenting their time together so he would not forget. So what happens next?


Wasurenai to chikatta boku ga ita (2015) Reviews

  • A beautifully bittersweet experience.


    Wasurenai to Chikatta Boku ga Ita, or (Forget me not) is a must watch for Romance/drama fans, though be ready for a bittersweet experience. Story - 4/5 (I'll assume you've read the bio, as that more than adequately sums up the plot) Whilst simple, it does everything it needs to. Not much is explained about how Azusa got her condition, but to say the movie suffers without it would be harsh considering the overall experience was enjoyable. However be warned, without spoiling it, the ending may not be perfect for some. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but I can see others not having the same opinion. Direction/Soundtrack - 5/5 I was pleasantly surprised by the look and sound, as I was fully engrossed in the nostalgic feel this movie gives off. Nearly every shot is beautiful, and it perfectly expresses everything you need to know. The subtlety of the piano based score also adds to a wonderful experience, and emphasises the emotions this film brings. Acting - 5/5 Without being too over the top, I found both actors possessing all the characteristics and emotions needed to be likable. Akari Hayami, as Azusa, felt lonely and wary of her "problem", yet became much more than that as the story progresses. The stand-out performance for me however was Nijirô Murakami, as Takashi. He was perfect in his role, feeling like a real person rather than an actor on screen. He dealt with all the highs and lows of the film with conviction, yet he never performed over the top. I felt I was suffering with him, which could be said for both actors. The side characters whilst enjoyable, are rather forgetful however. To summarise then. It covers all the emotions, and the actors who convey these feeling felt believable and likable. It is also directed well, with a emotional score. However, the lack of explanation to the plot, and your outlook on the ending may be enough to ruin it for some. Overall however I found it to be one of my all time favourite Romance/Dramas, one I would recommend highly.

  • A little confusing


    The premise is there is a girl who is forgotten soon by everyone and I mean literally forgotten. Even her father stares at her blankly wondering who she is (but lets her into the house and watches her go to her bedroom the little perv). She is in love with a local boy but of course he doesn't remember her and forgets her too, except they ave been in a relationship. Yup, it's fifty First Dates. Anyway I am not sure why he is attracted to her she looks like a boy and has sh0rt hair so is not beautiful (at least she seems to have a good body). Do not look for a happy ending. This film has its premise and sticks with it.


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