What Lies Ahead (2019)

What Lies Ahead (2019)

Rumer WillisEmma DumontKelly BlatzKatie Keene
Rob Gardner


What Lies Ahead (2019) is a English movie. Rob Gardner has directed this movie. Rumer Willis,Emma Dumont,Kelly Blatz,Katie Keene are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. What Lies Ahead (2019) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When two young women are thrown together on an unexpected road trip, an aggressive peril emerges between them that grows stronger with each passing mile.

What Lies Ahead (2019) Reviews

  • a road flop


    Its a road movie , with 2 girls, riding along for new york, where ones going to met a boyfriend. they makes a few stops, at a gaz station, at a street corner shouting at some old men are stopped by the police for speedin,gets away wit tears, cheats the jimboburger boy for the check, enters eventually a bar, gets drunk and nearly shoots some horned up men, picks up a wrecked driver,whom they whack with their shooter, and in the end the girls tries to kill eachother and so on.... you might say this is like thelma and louise, but its definately not. its more the jealous twisted beauty-girl- hater going amock on every girl she defines as better looking than herself. i dont know if it is the filming or the acting, but its so bad. the psycho looks like she's had a gallon of botox behind her lips. the other one changes appearance from shoot to the next shot aka changing hairstyle and makeup in one sentencs. the soundwork are not professional at all, and i do recommend the use of a car with less engine noise, and wheel whir at next project, i had big trouble hearing what they said, and definately more exhausted then the girl by the noise. the score are i guess meant to make tension to the psychoterror, buuuut its sounds like a squeeling pig trampling on a contrabass in the butchers corner,so beware. so i'm making flippy-floppy, and trying to do my best , the grumpy old man give one star to this nonsense mock-up of mock shuffling filmmaking,no recommendations from me.

  • Indy movies


    First I'd like to share that I liked this movie. It takes me back to the days when folks like Ron Howard and others were starting out and making small independent movies like Grand Theft Auto or Fonda/Hopper's Easy Rider. Not all movies are or should be these huge budget, epic affairs. We need independent movies that tell stories and give actors and actresses opportunities to show what they can do. I thought Rumer Willis and Emma Dumont were wonderful in their respective parts. The plot was one I have seen before, but I still liked the journey because of these two young women's acting - watch their faces when they had dialogue and when they were in scene and there was no dialogue. I liked it and I think if those that didn't would just watch it again they would see subtle things that they missed the first time.

  • Spooky!!


    I loved it!! I'm a big fan of thrillers, and this one didn't disappoint with its twist! I wasn't too familiar with the main characters before seeing this movie, but they're definitely on my radar now. Would recommend :-)

  • A very fun road trip! HOLD ON!!


    First let me say how enjoyable this film was to watch. Let me also say, "I didn't see that coming". I thought it was a twisted story line with a lot of surprises. The characters were brought to life with great performances from both Emma Dumont and Rumer Willis. Considering that you are spending a fair amount of time in the car on this road trip thriller, the pacing and visuals are great.

  • Suspenseful


    What lies ahead. What can I say about this suspenseful movie. It captured my attention from beginning to end. I loved all the twist and turns of the movie. I would definitely recommend it for everyone to watch.

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