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Your Move (2017)

Your Move (2017)

Robert DaviLuke GossPatricia De LeonDavid Fernandez Jr.
Luke Goss


Your Move (2017) is a English movie. Luke Goss has directed this movie. Robert Davi,Luke Goss,Patricia De Leon,David Fernandez Jr. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Your Move (2017) is considered one of the best Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A man must go to extreme lengths to discover what happened to his kidnapped wife and daughter.

Your Move (2017) Reviews

  • Your Move


    This doesn't deserve the 10 stars that people have given this movie. I rented it because of the reviews. It was poor quality of filming and hard to understand what was being said. All the 10 star reviews look like they were written by the same person.

  • Not bad for Luke Goss' directorial debut, but his writing was awful


    Very rarely do we find an actor who takes on too many roles in his own film and succeeds. Here is another example of that failure. As actor, producer, writer and director, he was actually impressive for his directorial debut. His acting in this film was pretty decent for a B-grade actor. But he failed miserably in the writing department. Aside for it being only a decent 90 min length film, it felt much longer than that. The pace was very slow and the overly obvious and unnecessarily dragged out scenes should have been edited out. This film would have been better off being 60 mins. Then there was the huge plot issues and unbelievable scenes - too many to point out and give away the spoilers, but you can't miss them, they're everywhere. He would have been better off passing on the writing and screenplay to someone with more experience to make many scenes more believable and avoid the massive plot and story issues. The other major and obvious from the start issue was the sound. Someone needed to place the boom mics much closer to the actors. All dialog sounded like it was coming from another room. In some cases, the score was louder than the dialogue and I missed entire sentences. The score was also kinda lame and also made the pace feel slower than it was. Overall still very ambitious and successful in his directorial debut, and rating this as a low budget amateur B-grade production, it's a 6/10 from me. Did I still enjoy it with its flaws? Yes. Would I recommend it or see it again? Most likely not.

  • A cringe-inducing turkey (as bad as you would expect)


    Obviously when you have someone who combines a cringe-inducing lack of self-awareness with a gaping void where creative talent should lie (as in the case of Luke Goss) then you're not going to expect much from a vanity project such as this. But, in fact, this movie is surprising. It's even worse than you would naturally have expected. The only thing of any interest (to anyone but Luke Goss himself) is how this movie was funded? Hopefully he funded it himself - presumably the few radio plays that "When Will I Be Famous" still gets globally must bring in some royalties, because it would be a tragedy if anybody else had been so gullible as to have invested in this hilariously poor home movie.

  • Go back to singing


    Well, Luke Goss should leave acting and directing to others who are good at that, and go back ti singing.

  • So bad...


    Looks like a "Taken" copycat, but miserably fails doing so. My gf and I started to watch it, but we gave up after 25 minutes in. However, we fastforwarded the movie. We both thought Luke Goss is looking for an Award, as he is seen crying and crying again. But he plays sadness very bad. There is a cop (Robert Davi)...we found ourselves just asking "what is his purpose here ?!?". He's useless. Period. So, Goss watch his wife and daughter going to be abducted, using Skype or whatever. The kidnapper is stupid enough to show him his face. Well done, you receive an Darwin Award for this. As Goss has no idea who this jerk is, he's thinking hard and tough ! Wooho I have an idea : my wife was a sport celebrity, let's check her old fans mail ! Gotcha ! Found him !!! This idiot sent his own picture to her !!! In the end, abduct this guy, then kill him. The end.


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