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Zatôichi kenka-daiko (1968)

Zatôichi kenka-daiko (1968)

Shintarô KatsuYoshiko MitaMakoto SatôKô Nishimura
Kenji Misumi


Zatôichi kenka-daiko (1968) is a Japanese movie. Kenji Misumi has directed this movie. Shintarô Katsu,Yoshiko Mita,Makoto Satô,Kô Nishimura are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1968. Zatôichi kenka-daiko (1968) is considered one of the best Drama,Action,Adventure movie in India and around the world.

Zatoichi is forced to kill a young man who owes a debt to a yakuza boss. Moments later, his sister Osode arrives with the money she earned (prostituting herself) to pay his debts. The bosses true motives are revealed and he attempts to steal Osode even though the debt is paid. Zatoichi realizes his grievous error and protects the girl from the gang. Osode and Zatoichi are caught in a dilemma as she must rely on her brother's killer for protection and Zatoichi wrestles with the injustice he has caused.


Zatôichi kenka-daiko (1968) Reviews

  • A little different mood in this one


    Here was a little glimpse into yakuza Ichi; throughout the series it is stressed that he is a yakuza; however, he behaves like a fine upstanding citizen in every other movie. In the first part of this movie, the blind massaur is one of several men sent to collect a gambling debt. It's the yakuza code... Then, Ichi repents and takes care of the sister of his victim. I think that we see this seedy side of Ichi as a parallel to himself having to see and deal with what he has done. This is one of the better Zatoichi movies. It broke the rules of Ichi movies EXCEPT for the woman falling in love with him. There was no child, no sword trick and no hostage rescue. I think that every series needs to break its own rules from time to time...

  • Nice mix of drama, action, and humor


    I have enjoyed Samaritan Zatoichi from the first viewing. If you enjoyed Zatoichi's Cane Sword, I believe you will like Samaritan Zatoichi as well. There is a great combination of drama, action, and humor. Very early in the film, we are introduced to another traveling yakuza named Shinsuke. Shinsuke is a real lively, interesting guy and the only character in the series who is easily identifiable as a person from Kansai (Osaka region). Early on in the film we also learn that Zatoichi does not have infinite patience. Don't call him a blind bastard more than twice! But the main attraction in this film is the complex and emotional story between Zatoichi and Sode. Zatoichi kills Sode's brother. He soon regrets the part he played in the killing and takes on a guardian role to Sode as she makes her way back to her aunt's home. The action scenes in Samaritan Zatoichi are good, but not the best you will see in the series. Zatoichi also does more than simply running his usual scam in the gambling scene. Did you know that he also carries a pair of loaded dice? Zatoichi comes close to paying the ultimate price for such behavior, but manages to pray to the right buddha as he is all bundled up and manages to escape. Samaritan Zatoichi is a fun journey full of twists and turns that leads to the requisite showdown with a samurai. A quick word of warning to the samurai. Zatoichi is most dangerous when he is on the ground!

  • Zatoichi tarnished


    I'm fairly new to the Zatoichi films, having just discovered them on I.F.C. early Saturday mornings. Thus far I've seen five of them and loved them all. This one however, seemed different. Ichi starts out as one of a band of Yakuza that has come to collect a debt. When the man refuses to come out and face them, Ichi goes in and kills him. The man's sister returns home then with money to pay the debt and Ichi defends her when it becomes obvious that it was she that was wanted, not the money. From there it follows the usual formula. I think what bothered me was the cold-blooded way that Ichi dispatched the debtor and the revelation that Ichi was using loaded dice to gamble. In the other movies he seems to follow a strict code despite his being a gangster, he doesn't seem to be as nice a guy as I thought. Still love the movies, but this puts a little tarnish on his image

  • a bit more complex zatoichi


    The moral quandary that both Ichi and Osode find themselves in adds a bit more dimension to this entry in the series. Ichi has done a great injustice and seeks Osode's forgiveness. The action is first rate as always but we see that Ichi has to wrestle a bit more than usual with himself about his life and his action effects on others.

  • 3 amazing and puzzling things to look out for in this movie


    As always, Zatoichi never disappoints. I enjoyed Samaritan Zatoichi even though it didn't try too hard to tread new ground. Yet somehow they always manage to present the Zatoichi films in such a way that its fresh and not a complete replicate of the previous films. There are a few things the viewer should look out for, I'll try and describe them without giving away the story: 1) The outcome of the dice game is unexpected and isn't consistent with what we have learnt from Zatoichis' abilities in the previous entries in the series. I was puzzled by this scene... 2) In the final fight of the movie, Zatoichi's opponent makes the funniest most unexpected grunt right before he places the rag in his mouth! 3) Zatoichi's last sword move in this film is the fastest move I have ever seen in a Zatoichi film, I replayed that 3 second scene almost 20 times to actually try and figure out how he cut his opponent. Shintaro Katsu is the man! A worthy addition to the acclaimed Zatoichi series.


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