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Zoo Wars 2 (2019)

Zoo Wars 2 (2019)

Thomas FreeleyBobbi MaxwellMaria PetranoCarmen Piroli
James Snider,Evan Tramel


Zoo Wars 2 (2019) is a English movie. James Snider,Evan Tramel has directed this movie. Thomas Freeley,Bobbi Maxwell,Maria Petrano,Carmen Piroli are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Zoo Wars 2 (2019) is considered one of the best Animation movie in India and around the world.

In the wake of a truce between the Nice Side and the Mice Side, the Zooverse has settled into an era of peace. The villainous mouse, Boo Boo Squeal, is determined to violate that peace treaty, and restart war at any cost. Nice Side heroes, Nuke and B-52, are forced to fend for themselves, thwarting Boo Boo's vengeful minions and defending the Zooverse with everything they've got.


Zoo Wars 2 (2019) Reviews

  • Kids were bored 5 minutes in.


    This movie is terrible. My kids picked it out at the library so it was free, and that's the only positive I can say for it. It appears that the entire movie is very poorly animated animals typing on keyboards and talking nonsense. The only reason I'm even bothering to write this review is that right now the movie rating is at 9.7! Don't bother watching this movie, it's not even worth it to see how bad it is.

  • Its just bad.


    Nothing positive to say about this movie. Animation is garbage and the rating of 9.7 is pretty misleading....

  • Awful! Bad animation poor storyline


    For a kids film it's really badly written, too much long dialogues for a child to understand (basically it's a character waffling, whilst typing on a keyboard for majority of the film - don't think that's appealing for a adult let alone a kid) The animations is really poor too, very basic so not impressive at all

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