Happy Anniversary (2018)

Happy Anniversary (2018)

Noël WellsBen SchwartzRahul KohliJoe Pantoliano
Jared Stern


Happy Anniversary (2018) is a English movie. Jared Stern has directed this movie. Noël Wells,Ben Schwartz,Rahul Kohli,Joe Pantoliano are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Happy Anniversary (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

A couple on their three-year anniversary need to decide whether to stay together or call it quits.

Happy Anniversary (2018) Reviews

  • Did Some Things Right But Didn't Keep Me Interested


    While it did nail the volatility of these kinds of relationships, it unfortunately lacks the depth that could have made it so good. Basically it follows the story of an unhappy relationship on its 3rd anniversary, where the couple reminisces and decides whether they should break up or not. So the plot is paper thin, but that wouldn't have mattered with a solid set of characters and a deep story. But unfortunately it just didn't keep me interested. I initially was interested because have been in a similar volatile relationship, but I found it to be very shallow, mostly focusing on the volatility rather than the deep character related emotions that cause it, also not focusing enough on why they loved each other in the first place, which plays a large role in such immense relationship related decisions. The characters were not necessarily one dimensional, but each of them had qualities that should have been more fleshed out, fleshing them out would have led to a much more interesting and compelling story. The chemistry was slightly there among the couple, the chemistry among the cast as a whole is nothing special and not really there. The film just wasn't deep and compelling, and it failed to keep me interested, and to be honest I didn't watch the ending, because I simply just wasn't invested in the story or characters. I wouldn't really reccomend this one.

  • Noël Wells & Ben Schwartz did great


    I really enjoyed this movie a lot. I love Noël Wells & Ben Schwartz and they are great with what they were given. while at times it does feel like being jostled around when they cut to a flashback, you get the idea of what's going on without feeling like you're being left behind. It's hard to sell a relationship in an hour and a half, but it was believable. Their characters do seem to have some chemistry which is nice, cause not every Rom-com can do it well. It's easy enough to relate to, and has some genuinely funny lines and moments that made me laugh.

  • I liked it


    I thought it was cute and funny, don't know why so many bad reviews.

  • Finding together


    Also living apart - and jumping through hoops or time. Yes this isn't linear and yes this is not your usual rom-com. And that is what makes it enticing and entertaining to watch. Good dialog, different perspectives and a look into relationships and how complex it can be. It feels real and you get the usual "he said/she said" situations, where you have to decide which side you are on - but you also get different layers that might valid your first choice obsolete and make you think again. It's I reckon more complex than other movies, just a fair warning. More complex than just boy/girl, like/not like that is. Not talking highly complex movies that are hard to follow. If you are into light entertainment, good dialog and some love in your movies, you could do much worse than this

  • Such an authentic portrayal of real relationships


    This film tells the story of a couple who has their doubts on their relationship on their third anniversary. What the couple goes through is really very real. It is easy to relate to, as many people will have had similar doubts in the past. The arguments in the film are not too heated to create a negative vibe, but still very real life like. I felt very connected to the story, and I really enjoyed it.


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