Switched for Christmas (2017)

Switched for Christmas (2017)

Candace Cameron BureEion BaileyMark DeklinNatasha Bure
Lee Friedlander


Switched for Christmas (2017) is a English movie. Lee Friedlander has directed this movie. Candace Cameron Bure,Eion Bailey,Mark Deklin,Natasha Bure are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Switched for Christmas (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

"Just because they are identical does not mean these twins even like each other. Estranged twin sisters get together for an obligatory pre-Christmas lunch, a year after their mother's death. Both women are unhappy and frustrated with their own lives. Though not close, each is envious of the other's life. What's a twin to do but take advantage of this? And who would be the wiser? They do what any identical twins in need of new outlooks would do: they swap lives until Christmas Day, and by doing so, each woman discovers the true meaning of her life and gains a deeper perspective and appreciation for what she already had."


Switched for Christmas (2017) Reviews

  • Candace Fans Keep Reporting This Review


    I wrote my review when this first aired. I know Candace has her fans. I like some of her films but she can't act that great. She is pleasant but she is no Meryl Streep. Because Candace plays twins in this film she proves how limiting her acting is 2 fold. In this film Candace plays twin sisters. they each think the other has a simpler life. So like they did once when they were children they decide to change places. Now each twin has a vastly different life from one another. That should set up complications and it does but Candace can not pull off the dual role. Her "Twins" act the same. Candace does nothing to make each twin have its own "personality" . Candace you need to learn how to spend time building a character. Obviously you are playing a version of yourself and you are boring! At times you overdo your eye gestures like you are filming a situation comedy. This is not a bad film. It would of been a great film had they cast "An Actress" not a "Personality". You can call Candace an Actress but I really can't Let's see how long this review stays up!

  • Let's See if they will report me


    I found this film to devoid of any charm or acting talent every time Candace pops up. She seems to act like she is a 25 year old twins in this but she is 42. This makes this film dreadful. The story is also short on plausibility and likability. Candace is just so bad in this you just want to avoid the next movie she does which I most likely will. This film is about identical twin sisters are stuck planning their respective Christmas parties, they're convinced the grass is greener on the other side. Deciding to swap lives for the holiday. Candace you made this film stupid.

  • Casting Mistake


    I fully understand Candace Cameron's appeal. However as light hearted as this film is her charms do not work at all in this film. In this film she plays "twins" that are opposite. Each think of course the other has an "Easier Life". So they both decide to switch for the holidays. Now this is not a "Freaky Friday" its "Wife Swap". The film suffers because Candace fails to bring 3 dimensions to both parts. She is flat. She also need to make each "Person" have different mannerisms. Because she fails the film fails because the truth is "The Minor Differences" that she brings isn't enough to being an "A-Ha" moment to a full realization. Hallmark Staple Alicia Witt should have been given this project. She would made a film people would remember!

  • Don't waste your time


    The movie is not one of Candace's best. But considering the script she was working with.... it was ok. I wouldnt want to see the movie again, the premise about Candace playing twin sisters was a bit drab. there was no relationship between the sisters and the relationship between the father and the sister who chose to have a career in an advertising agency and the sister who chose to be a mother on the PTA and the committee for the winter pagent. I usually Like Candace Cameron's movies but not in this movie and the storyline was just boring.

  • Which one is that?


    This was confusing. The idea of twins switching is probably as old as mankind. It's certainly been done in books and movies. But it isn't done in Christmas movies as often as so many of the other devices. And this one was done pretty well. The story had all kinds of possibilities and made good use of some of them. If nothing else, the movie kept you on your toes trying to remember which one you were looking at as the settings switched back and forth. I think we knew that in the end we weren't going to be very surprised. So often in reviews we talk about the chemistry of the leads. Candace Cameron-Bure had chemistry, with two men. Eion Bailey and Adam Sinclair each clicked with Candace. Production and scenery were good. It had mountain view and exterior Christmas decorations and interior Christmas decorations which were all beautiful. As is often true with Hallmark, family was a big theme. And many of the other traditional themes were present as well including some sappiness. However, overall, I think this movie presents it all in a little different way.


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